ioish “What You Need It For”
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ioish “What You Need It For”

An atmospheric instrumental rocker featuring Meredith Moore on horns, “What You Need It For” is a new track from ioish, the New Delhi-based project of musician Vaibhav Bhutani. The track precedes ioish’s upcoming album, In Waves. One of the first all-instrumental bands in India, ioish’s sound is a mix of soulful guitars layered with atmospheric textures that are soaked in melodious grooves and riffs, evoking a progressive rock feel. The combined elements make for an immersive and moody trip for the audience, one that they can immediately engage with.

Over the years, ioish has played alongside bands like Tides From Nebula, I Am Waiting For You Last Summer, The Ocean Collective, Intervals and As I Lay Dying during their Indian tours. Aptly for the project’s 10th year anniversary this year, Bhutani compiled a lineup of musicians he has long admired, like Nikhil Rufus of Superfuzz/Ex-Skyharbor and Shantanu Sudarshan. He also got involved with the best mixing engineers ,like Brett Caldas-Lima (ex-Kalisia), Tower Studios France and Forrester Savell (Radiance).

“I am also moving towards a theatrical performance instead of the same old rock and roll show with a couple of guys playing on stage, Bhutani says. “I plan to implement projection mapping and an orchestra, so I will animate the whole album along with the songs once I am done recording them. The album is called In Waves because of how light and sound behave. As do human beings in a way.”

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