IST IST “Nothing More Nothing Less”
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IST IST “Nothing More Nothing Less”

With their upcoming third album fast approaching, IST IST are pleased to unveil the latest track to be cut from the record: “Nothing More Nothing Less”.

Chiming with the overarching concept of ‘Protagonists’ (out 31 March, via Kind Violence), the Manchester band’s new single finds them stepping into the shoes of a character trapped in a complex relationship and at odds with her true feelings. As frontman Adam Houghton explains:

““Nothing More Nothing Less” is a simple love song really written from a woman’s perspective who isn’t exactly sure what she wants.”

Infusing atmospheric synthesizers and inspiriting backing vocals into their signature post-punk sound, “Nothing More Nothing Less” sees IST IST delivering one of their most cathartic and climactic singles to date.

“Nothing More Nothing Less” arrives as the next-in-line in a string of fascinating singles to have been released in recent months, with “Something Has To Give”, “Stamp You Out” and “Mary in The Black and White Room”, all leading the way to their upcoming ‘Protagonists’ LP later this month (31 March). A record all about new beginnings, the album will touch on the trials and tribulations of love, tricky family relationships, and the feeling of being trapped by the past. The title is inspired by songwriter Adam Houghton’s magpie-like method of writing, with its songs placing prominent characters, fictional and non-fictional, into dystopian worlds with new and uncertain outcomes. Recorded and mixed by Michael Whalley and IST IST at Milkshed Studios, the album was mastered by the legendary Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound (The National, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol) and as its precursory singles suggest it will see Ist Ist traversing a broader spectrum of genres and sounds than ever before_._

Alongside the album, IST IST also delighted to confirm news of another exciting venture – a brand new community studio. Acting in response to the shock closure of the Brunswick Mill rehearsal spaces earlier this month, a facility used by IST IST since 2018 but also countless artists from across Manchester, the band quit their day-jobs and have decided to establish their own rehearsal rooms. Built with their own bare hands and located on the third floor at Nile Mill A in Oldham with just shy of 4,000 sq ft of space, KVR Studios aims to offer a safe space to all of the creatives in the city who have been evicted from Brunswick Mill and similar spaces blighted by gentrification. The studio will boast nine rehearsal rooms in total, a blackout photo studio big enough for photoshoots and videos, and lockable storage areas to store equipment. With 24 hour access to the facilities to accommodate all schedules and needs, rooms will be available to rent in four hour blocks or monthly, with multi-band sharing opportunities also available.

Opening its doors in early April 2023, Andy Keating of IST IST elaborates on the launch of KVR Studios and their motivations for the new project:

“This is the second time we’ve been in this situation, as I’m sure a lot of other bands have been. Instead of becoming a tenant elsewhere and potentially having to share a room with other bands which brings its own logistical headaches, we decided to establish KVR Studios, named after our label Kind Violence Records. We want our space to be somewhere where bands and artists want to hang out and for it to be an aspirational place to rehearse, write and create.”

Touring their latest work, IST IST will be hitting the road for a run of UK headline shows in Glasgow, Newcastle, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol and London, plus sets at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, TX and Whitby’s Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival. There will also be an unmissable hometown launch of ‘Protagonists’ at the O2 Ritz in Manchester on 31 March. As a special gesture of support for NHS workers amidst this turbulent time, IST IST also announced recently that 100 FREE TICKETS had been reserved especially for music fans working in the service.

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