It’s Karma It’s Cool “Coffee Cup Circles”
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It’s Karma It’s Cool “Coffee Cup Circles”

It’s Karma It’s Cool are a four-piece indie rock/pop band from Lincoln, UK and have delivered urgent new single ‘Coffee Cup Circles’ ahead of their sophomore album set to cause fireworks as it releases this November 5th, with its thought-provoking title ‘Homesick For Our Future Destinations’ which is filled with some serious future anthems.

These guys flit between melodic power punk pop and indie rock rarely seen this side of the Atlantic as they create their own mesmerizing brand of music which seems to melt a heavenly pot of genre defining acts like Weezer, Green Day, REM, Pearl Jam, They Might Be Giants and even hints of The Allman Brothers into a cauldron of something plainly unique which results in the band It’s Karma It’s Cool.

It could of course, be one big hot mess, but these guys are seasoned pros delivering something incredibly triumphant, leaving the listener keen to stamp them with the time-honoured reward of ‘new favourite band’ at a time when lyrical music heroes are needed more than ever before.

Following on from their successful debut EP, ‘Hipsters and Aeroplanes’ and debut album, ‘Woke Up In Hollywood’, new single ‘Coffee Cup Circles’ comes crashing in to offer a richly rewarding taste of what to expect from the new album: big melodies, big harmonies and some other surprises.

Vocalist James Styring explains, “Coffee Cup Circles is a sonic rumination about past lives and the physical echoes that remain.”

It’s an earworm that’s for sure, delivering thoughtful, reflective lyricism with ceaseless energy and relentless optimism.

It’s Karma It’s Cool are: James Styring – Vocals, Martyn Bewick – Guitars, Additional Instrumentation, Mikey Barraclough – Bass Guitar, Additional Guitars, Danny Krash – Drums, Percussion.

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