Jackson Mico Milas “Don’t You Think Of Me Once In A While”
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Jackson Mico Milas “Don’t You Think Of Me Once In A While”

The final single drop before the release of his debut solo album, ‘Blu Terra’, London based artist Jackson Mico Milas releases the enigmatic ‘Don’t You Think Of Me Once In A While’ on the Belgian label Apollo Records.

Warming piano melodies and deft keys glide over dusty rhythms as Jackson’s buttery vocal hits a real sweet spot on this album highlight. It’s the kind of outstanding music that eschews real genre categorization, giving the listener a personal moment of reflection and poignancy, stirring an emotional response.

It’s no wonder then, that top tastemakers like BBC 6 Music’s Cerys Matthews, Wonderland Magazine, Earmilk and Atwood Magazine have already been quick to support Jackson’s music in 2022 and ‘Don’t You Think Of Me Once In A While’ is sure to cause yet more excitement with its addictive colourful and trippy video.

On ‘Don’t You Think Of Me Once In A While’, Jackson said, “Whenever I fall in love with an idea in the studio, I experience an almost physical sensation of a fresh breeze – it rolls in and it feels like a hint of spring after a long winter. I’m sure it’s different for everybody. When this song came together, it straight up felt like I was on holiday driving somewhere, gliding through the sunshine and everything was just fine.”

“Doesn’t matter what the emotion of the song is, I feel like I come up for air. These are the moments you strive for when creating, and whenever I listen to this song, I feel it again instantly. The lyric “the ocean is a wave come to wash us away” was a line I heard in an Agnes Varda documentary. It was something she wrote down in the 70’s, and unfortunately it couldn’t be more relevant today. Thank you to Robby Sinclair who sent a great drum recording from his home studio in Paris for this one”, he further explains.

The accomplished musician and composer has gained prominence with his band High Highs, who were signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records label, as well as touring with the likes of Vampire Weekend, Empire Of The Sun and Sky Ferreira.

On ‘Blu Terra’, Jackson comes of age, and delivers a matured and elegant suite of compositions on this debut album, encompassing acoustic, alt-folk and jazz elements to deploy soaring and heartfelt songs. The long player features a cast of great players, including Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie ‘Blackstar’), Robby Sinclair (Chet Faker/Nick Murphy), Troy Simms (Lee Scratch Perry) and Veronique Serret (Joanna Newsom’s Y’s Street Band).

Mixing & production by Dave Harrington of Darkside, and the album is released on Apollo Records, the home to ground-breaking talent such as Aphex Twin, Biosphere, Nadine Shah, Gigi Masin, Caberet Voltaire and many more over its 40-year tenure.

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