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Fast Track Of The Day

SKAUSS “Foreva”

(Artist Bio) | December 7, 2022

Multi-instrumentalist and genre-bending composer/producer SKAUSS set off to find his true identity with 2019’s “Whoami” and now continues that quest by expanding upon his uniquely melodic orchestral and dark electronic sound and paves the way for even further out musical gambles. Back in 2012 a new artist emerged seemingly out […]

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Fast Track Of The Day


(Artist Bio) | December 6, 2022

On December 16, Danish artist Elias Bendix releases his new single ‘Who’s To Blame?’. His adventurous mix of pop, jazz and funk has brought him attention both at home and abroad, but on ‘Who’s To Blame?’ he moves in a more gloomy and housey direction. Elias himself mentions sources of […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Fortune Child “Fool Me Once”

(Artist Bio) | December 5, 2022

Jacksonville, FL based Rock band FORTUNE CHILD has unveiled the official lyric video for their new single, “Fool Me Once,” which was engineered and mixed by Ben McLeod (All Them Witches), “Fool Me Once”. “Although ‘Fool Me Once’ was recorded in the studio, it was done live – in one […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

The Know “Used to Be”

(Artist Bio) | December 4, 2022

The Know began in late 2018 when Daniel Knowles suggested to his wife, Jennifer Farmer, that instead of traveling home for the holidays (to the UK and Texas respectively) that the LA based transplants stay put and try to create music together, just the two of them. This would be […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Rage Unfold “Mad Money”

(Artist Bio) | December 3, 2022

Rage Unfold tells your story. The raw, the real, the remembered. Rage Unfold are Virtual Metal Creators, spanning 3 countries, Bulgaria, England and Australia. With diverse skill and equal passion, they punch out killer songs. Rage Unfold are, Bozhidar Popov, music, lyrics, guitars; Gary Cubberley, music, drums, organ, recording, mixing […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Chaidura “Night Forever”

(Artist Bio) | December 2, 2022

With 3 minutes and 36 seconds in length, “Night Forever” is the latest release by London-based, alternative rock artist Chaidura, which masterfully presents the act’s capability to create and develop emotional and affectionate soundscapes in an uniquely alternative manner! Being one of the softest tracks in Chaidura’s discography, pleasantly showcasing […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

That Old Quiet Lighthouse “Decade”

(Artist Bio) | December 1, 2022

That Old Quiet Lighthouse are as much a familiar sound as they are distinctly unique – a statement only decipherable by listening to their debut EP “Dubious Beginnings”. Genre-wise, the most concise they could be after hours of intense deliberating was ‘Indie-singer-songwriter-math-folk’.  Big Thief, American Football, Fleet Foxes, all inspirations […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Holly Henderson “The Planes”

(Artist Bio) | November 30, 2022

With the release of new single “The Planes”, Holly Henderson has announced that her second album, “The Walls”, is finished, mastered, and on its way to the pressing plant for release in early 2023. The long-awaited sophomore release from the UK alternative singer-songwriter brings a very different side to Holly’s […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

The Black Halos “Better Days”

(Artist Bio) | November 29, 2022

Canada’s legendary punk ‘n’ rollers The Black Halos have just released their anticipated new LP How the Darkness Doubled (November 25th on Stomp Records). How the Darkness doubled is the unofficial follow-up album to The Black Halos’ acclaimed 2001 release, The Violent Years. Original songwriting team Billy Hopeless, Rich Jones […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

JESSICA WILDE “Kissing My Best Friend”

(Artist Bio) | November 27, 2022

London singer/rapper and producer Jessica Wilde has had a huge 2022 pulling out all the stops on her acclaimed debut album ‘Sober,Wasted,Wasted,Sober’, released earlier in the year and heats things up again with a winter jam blaster entitled ‘Kissing My Best Friend’.  As Jess continues to embrace support from all […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Mellor “Meet Me By The Ocean”

(Artist Bio) | November 26, 2022

Fearless UK band Mellor has shared a live performance video of their previously released single ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’, which is taken from their recently released debut album Problematic Passions via Triple B Records. Notably, the video was premiered by Substream Magazine. A growing rock force in the UK, […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Candy Coffins “Tangled Up In Teacups”

(Artist Bio) | November 25, 2022

Post-punk new romantics Candy Coffins present ‘Tangled Up In Teacups’, a superb single showcasing the third act crescendo of a relationship in a tailspin – the detachment, the anger, the self-absorption, the exhaustion. It is a waltz of protection via insulating flippancy and a voice that reveals one’s entire arc […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Harrison Ash “Cross the Line”

(Artist Bio) | November 23, 2022

For this Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, music has always been his primary focus. If Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig were to cross paths with early work from Phoenix, the vibes of Spoon, and a dash of vocals from the Arctic Monkeys, it might paint a picture of Harrison Ash’s sound. His upcoming project […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Carly Pearl “Head In The Clouds”

(Artist Bio) | November 21, 2022

Carly Pearl is no stranger to performing — now, though, she’s truly taking center stage. With an extensive background in theater, acting, and music, including fronting the national touring act The Scruffy Pearls, the New York-based artist is a successful multi-hyphenate who understands what it truly means to be a […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

ROWSIE “Christmas in Soho”

(Artist Bio) | November 20, 2022

UK band ROWSIE are kind of like listening to the best mixtape you made for a boy/girl who left you. With elements of punk rock, indie and Americana they write songs about political issues and personal issues all with the same intensity and fire. Their live shows have been igniting […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Aradia “IMAGINE”

(Artist Bio) | November 19, 2022

Rather than focus on commercial response, Aradia is laser-focused on the details of a song feeling right. Aradia has been playing music since she was a child, and her roots in the classical music world yield intricate, layered work in the present-day. She applies these roots when producing sounds with […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

MRiver “The Sign”

(Artist Bio) | November 18, 2022

MRiver is a new electronic music artist. He makes his own music. He has three songs released so far and more to come. -Official bio Watch our latest “Fastracks” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK PODCAST ARCHIVES

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Fast Track Of The Day

A CLOUD OF RAVENS “Nature of Artifice”

(Artist Bio) | November 17, 2022

NYC-based alternative rock / post-punk duo A Cloud of Ravens present their new single ‘Nature of Artifice’. Following lead track ‘The Blackest Mantra’, this is the second taste of their third full-length album ‘Lost Hymns’, to be released in early 2023 via Berlin-based Nexilis Records, a division of Schubert Music […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Cilvarium “Call Of Heaven”

(Artist Bio) | November 16, 2022

Cilvarium is a new and exciting musician/composer in the field of atmospheric music. Blending musical styles like ambient, worldbeat, electronica, pop and experimental, Cilvarium has created a unique and intriguing sound that’s reminiscent of Enigma yet, all her own. Incorporating various instruments from around the world, she brings a global […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

These People “Levels”

(Artist Bio) | November 14, 2022

These People is the solo project of Long Beach, NY producer and songwriter TJ Penzone. The project began after his former band Men, Women & Children  (Warner Bros / Reprise Records) disbanded. These People has a constant rotation of musicians, with the songs primarily written, recorded, and produced by Penzone, […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Barrage “Surprise! You’re Dead”

(Artist Bio) | November 13, 2022

Barrage is a three piece Hard Rock/Metal band from Kansas City, Missouri formed in 2019. Their cover of Surprise! You’re Dead by Faith No More was released on October 31st. as part of the KC Goes 80’s compilation album set for release later this year. Barrage’s first EP “Sensory Overload” […]

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Fast Track Of The Day


(Artist Bio) | November 12, 2022

West Chicago Metal Industrial project, led by multi-instrumentalist Dave McAnally, DERISION CULT, has joined forces with TMINISTRY’S CHRIS CONNELLY and THE CURE’S REEVES GABRELS on their newest single, “Deaf Blood.” Imagined and written by the band, the animated video for “Deaf Blood” was created by ZYGOSLUKSAS at EMPIRE ANIMATION of […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Sarantos “Comets”

(Artist Bio) | November 11, 2022

Chicago-based singer and songwriter Sarantos has released his latest alternative rock/experimental song “Comets.” Known for the diverse influences in his music, this song is no different. The song combines many genres to introduce a new kind of hybrid-rock sound that is fresh and energetic, yet thought-provoking. Released on November 1st, […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Netty Rose “Come Back”

(Artist Bio) | November 10, 2022

Talent truly runs deep in indie alt/blues band, Netty Rose. Comprised of twins, vocalist Annette (Netty) and bassist Rudy Coviello, Netty Rose are a collective writing process between the pair. The group are now welcoming their single/video “Come Back” on November 4, 2022, ahead of the upcoming EP Beautiful Things, […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Bianca Hosking “Since You Left”

(Artist Bio) | November 9, 2022

When writing songs, you never know what’s going to happen throughout the process. At least that’s the case for Bianca Hosking, a singer-songwriter out of Melbourne, Australia. For her, writing comes from the subconscious, and every moment throughout can be a moment of discovery. Bianca has always wanted to be […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Quarry “New City Comes Along”

(Artist Bio) | November 8, 2022

Paying homage to the victims caught up in the Ukraine war, “New City Comes Along” seeks to shine a light on the stories of those citizens whose lives are completely destroyed by such conflict. As Quarry explains: “A city devastated by bombing and reduced to rubble is one of the […]

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Fast Track Of The Day


(Artist Bio) | November 7, 2022

Commemorating the spookiest day of the year with a haunting official video ripe for the occasion, it sees the experimental pop duo team-up with esteemed video directors Philip Reinking & Tom Linton (who directed 2020 twisted fantasy ‘The Hat’). Speaking about the video the directors say: “A werewolf serial killer […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Christafari “ELEVATOR”

(Artist Bio) | November 6, 2022

As trailblazers, Christafari is continually pioneering the genre of Gospel reggae in the U.S. and throughout the world. But the band is more than just musicians; they’re “musicianaries” (musical missionaries), spreading the message of hope and salvation globally with a relentless touring and release schedule. They’ve ministered in 85 nations, […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Luna Falling “The End”

(Artist Bio) | November 5, 2022

Luna Falling is a Columbus Ohio based music project that continues to grow and “The End” is just the beginning in so many ways -Official bio Watch our latest “Fastracks” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK PODCAST ARCHIVES

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Fast Track Of The Day

NHOAH “Life Like A Breath”

(Artist Bio) | November 3, 2022

NHOAH’s music epitomises the hedonistic, liberating feeling present at the birth of dance music culture. It is the soundtrack to freedom, expression of self, unity, community and sonic revolution. A consummate professional who creates and performs with his heart and soul, NHOAH’s unwavering energy emanates from everything he does. Fearless, […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Fire Follows “Shedding This Skin”

(Artist Bio) | November 2, 2022

Fire Follows is the passion project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Chris Watt. Located in Colorado Springs, CO, Chris does all writing and recording at his home studio… or probably more appropriately referred to as a studio home at this point. Since its inception in 2019, Fire Follows has continued morphing and evolving. […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Stefano May “Crazy”

(Artist Bio) | November 1, 2022

Stefano is a singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso who fuses soul, pop and classical for an enthralling musical journey. The talented songwriter’s music is marked by hope, love and connection in the aim to heal. Born in Soveria Mannelli, Italy, Stefano took to music at an early age and began […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Faith Marie “NVM ( Remix)”

(Artist Bio) | October 31, 2022

LA-based alt-pop artist Faith Marie presents her new single ‘NVM (Remix)’, an infectious downtempo song about depression and the author’s personal struggles to move forward. This is Faith Marie’s first music output since 2020, when she released ‘Nobody’. Despite a series of lockdowns and other setbacks, she didn’t stop creating […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Randy Hall “Langley Avenue”

(Artist Bio) | October 30, 2022

Musicians don’t come more stellar, multi-faceted and gifted than Randy Hall, an ace guitarist, vocalist, composer, arranger and performer. The Chicago-native has been a highly coveted musician for several decades and a chart-topping R&B star in his own right and as a supporting player for an impressive, genre-defying resume of […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Broken Side “The Flaw”

(Artist Bio) | October 28, 2022

Broken Side, formed in early 2020, consists of members Jesse Thacker (Guitar/Main Vocals), Jonathan Crawford (Guitar / Backing Vocals), John Wiest (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Skylar Gratz (Bass), and Justin Myers (Drums). An eclectic group with a mashup of rock / metal backgrounds and influences. Broken Side is a melodic […]

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Fast Track Of The Day


(Artist Bio) | October 27, 2022

WHITECELL–GRAMMY® nominated songwriter, recording engineer and touring guitarist for multi-Gold and Platinum selling band IN THIS MOMENT RANDY WEITZEL–has revealed the masterful horror video comic for his newest single, “Deal with the Devil.” With all visuals and vibrations created by Weitzel himself, “Deal with the Devil” encapsulates all of the […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

The Pull of Autumn “Outlaw Empire”

(Artist Bio) | October 25, 2022

Art rock collective The Pull of Autumn presents their new single ‘Outlaw Empire’ featuring Mark Stewart, founding member of the legendary UK band The Pop Group, and remixed by the esteemed Adrian Sherwood. The first taste of the band’s fourth album ‘Beautiful Broken World’, The Pull of Autumn mastermind Daniel […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Starless “Vampire”

(Artist Bio) | October 24, 2022

Los Angeles, California-based “Starless” is not the first time her voice has made waves. Many might recognize this emerging singer-songwriter’s voice from her real name. Brianna Knickerbocker first shined a light in the entertainment world as a well known Anime and Videogame voice actor, with popular projects like Demon Slayer, […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

deux furieuses “Our Day Will Come”

(Artist Bio) | October 23, 2022

Arriving at a time where political resistance and insurgence against inequality has never felt so urgent, “Our Day Will Come” blends rousing punk rhythms with a glimmering sense of hope for the future. With blistering electric guitar lines, impending drums that clang like a rallying call for the masses, and […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

IST IST “Stamp You Out”

(Artist Bio) | October 23, 2022

IST IST are back with the insurgent new single “Stamp You Out”. The track arrives in tandem with the announcement of ‘Protagonists’, the band’s third studio album, which is confirmed for release on 31 March 2023 (via Kind Violence Records). Delivering a resolute punch with an acerbic sting in its […]

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Fast Track Of The Day


(Artist Bio) | October 22, 2022

Indianapolis, IN based, Hip-Hop / Rock quartet LOVELY MACHINE has released the official music video for their new single, “Heroin.” Produced and mixed by Mitch Marlow, and mastered by Chris Athens, the music video for “Heroin” was directed/edited by Brian Cox. “’Heroin’ is about being trapped in toxic love. It […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

A Shoreline Dream “Harlow Syndrome”

(Artist Bio) | October 20, 2022

Iconic shoegaze / postpunk outfit A Shoreline Dream presents ‘Harlow Syndrome’, the latest audio-visual offering from their new ‘Loveblind’ album, released via Latenight Weeknight Records. Their sixth full-length record dives into recollections and past desires while looking forward in a wash of soundwaves pointing towards a blinding future. Filmed in […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Maïa Barouh “HAFU”

(Artist Bio) | October 19, 2022

Maia Barouh invites you into her delicious soundworld with new album “AIDA”, out 21st October. “AIDA” is the new album by Maïa Barouh. Aida means “between” in Japanese: between France and Japan, between the mainland and the islands, between the ancient and the modern. The character for the word is […]

band members standing in an abandoned room
Fast Track Of The Day

Light Grey “Loser”

(Artist Bio) | October 18, 2022

Light Grey strikes the pop-punk scene yet again with their first single following the 2021 release of their second EP, “Are You Even Real”. The buoyant “Loser”, explains the realization of the songwriting principles of previously released singles, while the band candidly speaks about the evolution of how their new […]

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Fast Track Of The Day

Sole Oceanna “Not Feeling It”

(Artist Bio) | October 16, 2022

Sole Oceanna is a lover of music first. At 8 years old she found a presence on stage that has only blossomed into the eccentric and exciting entertainer she is today. She is graceful, but with a rebellious nature that magnetizes an audience. Now, at only 15 years old, Sole […]

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Fast Track Of The DayFastracks Ep 61Featured Artists

Scott Goldbaum “Drive Too Fast”

(Artist Bio) | October 10, 2022

Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Scott Goldbaum, whose credits include Sting, LAUV, Keith Urban, Skylar Grey, Charlotte Lawrence and Maddie Poppe, is releasing his first solo EP “Protector” this fall. Prior to his five year hiatus from releasing music, Scott Goldbaum’s specialty was in providing “transient and breathtaking guitar work” (The […]

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