James Burt “Dance in the Rain”

James Burt “Dance in the Rain”


James Burt has been writing songs all his life. This winter marks a steady ascent from passionate fan to musician and songwriter to music college student to reaching the precipice of a huge career in pop.

James was selected from dozens of extremely talented peers to be fully supported by all the means available at Nottingham’s Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, who drafted in producer Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon, Cast) and an array of other experienced music industry expertise to aid the release of his brilliant debut single ‘Dance In The Rain’.

James explains, “The raw emotion and honesty in ‘Dance In The Rain’ was inspired by ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division. I love how brave and confessional Ian Curtis was as a songwriter. More than ever right now, I think people need to hear music that’s real and speaks to the heart. ‘Dance In The Rain’ speaks about the ability we have to embrace the negativity that rains down in life sometimes and how we can choose to dance through the bad times rather than shelter from them. For me, ‘Dance In The Rain’ is all about that one person who helps you stay positive when times are hard. Everyone has that one person or thing that helps you get through the bad times and this song is a celebration of that person or thing. I really want this song to heal anyone struggling to stay positive during a time like coronavirus.”

‘Dance In The Rain’ is accompanied by the equally stunning B-side ‘Something Inside Me’, James explains, “I think this song is one to watch out for and I really hope it gets just as much attention as the main single. This track is an 80’s influenced, melodic pop song that really hits you in the heart. This song is from the perspective of a person that loves someone who doesn’t love them back. Even though this person isn’t loved anymore, there’s this indescribable feeling inside of them that won’t let them walk away from this person. When recording this track, I put my whole being into the performance. When singing, I tried really hard to capture the emotion of someone who has had their heart broken and I’m confident you can hear that emotion when you listen to this track.”

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