Jesse Kendal “Little Bloom”
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Jesse Kendal “Little Bloom”


Multifaceted musician and producer Jesse Kendal has dropped his latest single, ‘Little Bloom/ Northern Light’ on the 20th of March via [BIOS]. The single, receiving praise from CLASH Magazine, was written and produced by Kendal and mastered by Zino Mikorey (Nils Frahm, Rival Consoles, Christian Löffler, Hania Rani, Ólafur Arnalds). The Melbourne-born and based maestro blends electronic and acoustic elements to embody a distinctly human aesthetic and emotionally charged flow, having been compared to Tourist, Bonobo and Tycho. Jesse started releasing under the Kendl moniker in 2017, garnering support from esteemed publications such as Huffington Post, Magnetic Magazine, Dancing Astronaut, YourEdm, Earmilk, Stereofox and Purple Sneakers. His split-single “Ella / Manyara” (2019) earned rotation on Triple J Unearthed, secured top spots in the Top Ten Hype Machine Popular Charts and landed on Spotify’s Viral 50 Australia, Canada and the US.** Kendl also received support from major Youtube channels Ambient, **SOUNDISSTYLE, and Big Beat Records. Kendal’s original song “twitch” featured at GoPro’s Youtube channel featuring Travis Pastrana to 11.2 million subscribers. In total, Kendal has accumulated over 16 million plays across streaming platforms.

Growing up in a musical household, he found solace in sounds at a very young age. Kendal would quietly  observe his mother teach her students how to play woodwind instruments in their home. Despite this, he is mostly self-taught, experimenting with many instruments but feeling most at home behind a drum kit. He  played in a jazz band throughout his teens and taught himself various music production programs and instruments throughout his 20s. From his home studio in Melbourne, Australia, Kendal aspires to create an emotional resonance within his music that fosters a sense of connection and healing. Influenced by the likes of Nils Frahm, George FitzGerald and Stimming, his sound will be enjoyed by fans of PALLADIAN, KOSCO and Mellowdine.

‘Little Bloom/Northern Light’ is an exquisitely ethereal track, transporting the listener to faraway dreamscapes that feel warm and vast. The tranquility and warmth of the gentle synth soundscapes and delicately arpeggiated piano sets the stage for this gem. Building to a marching and rhythmic tempo, this record washes the listener with a sense of joy and a comfortable, unruffled repose.

Kendal had this to say about his latest offering: “These two tracks emerged during a period when I was striving to bring more connection and positivity into my life. Writing from that mindset brought what I feel is a warm and open embrace to these two tracks. My desire is to produce electronic music that feels more human than electronic and to emanate a propulsive positive energy.”

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