Joris Delacroix “Unexpected”
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Joris Delacroix “Unexpected”

French artist Joris Delacroix brings his archetypal musicality with his latest string of superb releases. Following ‘Early Hours’, ‘Need Your Attention’ and ‘Homie’, the journey continues on Joris Delacroix’s label with latest single ‘Unexpected’, which was released on the 12th of April. The track is a blissful progression of instrumental magic that draws inspiration from the dazzling club scene.

Well-known for his deep house sound, the producer is constantly evolving and currently exploring the world of techno. Joris Delacroix has performed live at Cercle’s Rooftop Performance series and earned over 75 million plays across streaming platforms to date with support from the likes of Dancing Astronaut, Wonderland Magazine, CLASH Magazine, Magnetic Magazine, Deep House Amsterdam, Billboard Italia, When We Dip, FLAUNT Mag, Music Radar, Faze Magazine, DJ Mag France, Stereofox and YouTube channels Suicide Sheep and The Sound You Need to name a few.

Born and based in Montpellier, France the producer has cited the works of Daft Punk, Paul Kalkbrenner, Stephan Bodzin, Claude VonStroke, Stuart Price, David August, Maceo Plex, Rone and Rodriguez Jr as pillars of inspiration for his artistic liberation. ‘Unexpected’ draws parallels to the energy of Ben Bohmer, Stephan Bodzin & Jan Blomqvist.

With cascading arpeggio leads that rise and fall, they also morph and traverse across a backdrop of metric drum rhythms that are accompanied with sparkling layers of sonic effects. ‘Unexpected’ reaches a pinnacle point where the lead line distorts and grinds into a euphoric moment of ecstasy. Toying with the dynamics in a masterfully musical way, Joris Delacroix serves up some absolute magic here.

Joris Delacroix tells us about the single, “I just wanted to do a track calibrated for dance floors I can easily play in my dj sets, but it doesn’t forget to be emotional, especially with an euphoric moment at the end bought by the constant progression in it. I named it that way because just before I started producing it, I was kind of in a blank page phase, and this track idea just came out of nowhere, at a moment I didn’t expect it anymore, and I actually composed it very quickly!”.

The track hits you right from the start, with its prancing synths that spread deep into the room and are accompanied by laid-back beats towards the dance floor.
Faze Magazine

“Standing as more of a sonic journey as opposed to a house track, listeners can expect to be treated to ebbs and flows of synth-heavy production, trickles of twinkling sound and dance-inducing beats, all of which culminate in the perfect techno-meets-house hit.”
Wonderland Magazine

“Joris Delacroix delivers a vibe of melodic house & techno, with some passages through tech-house and indie dance.”
Magnetic Magazine

“’Need Your Attention’ finds the producer dipping back into his deep house roots, a lush construction that includes work from Cebb. Crafted in the south of France, there’s a sense of freedom and independence within the song.”
CLASH Magazine

“‘Need Your Attention’ takes the rolling basslines synonymous with Joris Delacoix’s style and draws in some distorted reverberation, a smattering of rasping vocals and an undivided emotion for the art.”

“Where most dance music strives to be as expansive and monstrous as possible, “Early Hours” is tangible and in your face; a finely cut gem that’s just an arm’s length away.”
Dancing Astronaut

[Joris Delacroix] “hovers somewhere in between melodic techno and deep house, led by heavy bass lines and gloomy atmospheres.”

Deep House Amsterdam

[On Joris Delacroix] “The eclectic French producer and DJ offers an innovative and refined version of trance”

Billboard Italia

[Joris Delacroix] “The track, displaying a subtle balance between power and melancholy, flows in a progression of more than seven minutes, raising the pressure over the arpeggios and rhythmic flights”

DJ Mag France

[Joris Delacroix] “An innovative, refined take on trance, ‘Stay’ pairs emotion-drenched euphoria with light, airy synths, creating a track that is both honest and restrained.”
When We Dip

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