Joshua Radin “This One’s For”
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Joshua Radin “This One’s For”

Joshua Radin’s gorgeous new single, “This One’s For”, sees the singer-songwriter offering a love letter to close friends and family, who may not realize how much he thinks about them while he’s away on the road. “I wrote this song for all the people in my life, close friends and family, whom I love dearly, but because I’m a traveler by nature, I don’t see them as often as I’d like.” While the song captures a feeling of longing that’s universally felt, it was inspired by one particularly exciting night in Dublin, Ireland that left a lasting impression on Radin.  He adds:

“Many years ago, I found myself on tour in Dublin,” Radin recalls. “After my performance, some of the loveliest Irish people brought me to a famous pub for drinks, as one does in most cities but especially in Dublin. After the pub closed, I was introduced to the concept of a ‘lock in,’ when the bar legally must close so they lock the front doors, but they keep serving drinks for those lucky enough to have been invited to stay and hang. We passed my guitar around all night, everyone playing songs. It was the first time I had ever played for people without a microphone, and I was forced to sing loudly, strum loudly, belt with a voice I never knew I had. This was a seminal evening for me. So I wanted this song to sound like me and my buddies were locked in a pub around 3am, drinking, playing songs, living life.”

“This One’s For” follows the release of Radin’s latest EP, ‘though the world will tell me so, vol 1’, a breathtaking collection of songs that were inspired by his time on the road in 2022. Rather than wait for inspiration to strike, Radin seeks it out wherever possible. To that end, in the Autumn of 2022, he left his material existence in the rear-view, grabbed a backpack, packed his guitar, picked up a pen and a pad, and sought new stories to tell. “I felt like I was going to live the life of a kid on a gap year after high school,” he smiles. “However, it has helped my writing and my soul. I feel so much freer.”

Traveling with nothing more than the essentials (and enough tools to be creative), Radin recorded ‘though the world will tell me so, vol 1’ in places such as Stockholm, Paris, and Lisbon. Tracks like the softly anthemic “I’m Just Different,” piano-laden “Broken,” and “Running from the Dawn” instantly reacted with audiences, as the EP generated over 2 million Spotify streams and counting. “Throughout the album, I’d say the common thread is this,” he elaborates_. “For my entire life, I’ve felt like the world was telling me something which I didn’t necessarily agree with. I’ve always thought about how to do things a bit differently, whether it’s the way I wrote, recorded, or released this album or the way I’ve been living my life, it’s somewhat of a rebellion against the way the world says these things are supposed to be or happen”._ Vol.1 is available to hear in full now, here:

Recording enough material for an album in two parts, Radin will release its sequel ‘though the world will tell me so, vol 2’ on 23rd June 2023 via the Nettwerk label, with all 10 tracks from the project set to be available digitally and as a vinyl package.

Since his emergence in 2004, Joshua Radin has earned a reputation as an empathetic, engaging, and often enthralling troubadour. Over the years, he’s tallied north of 1 billion streams, moved 1 million-plus albums worldwide, and even scored a gold certification for the single “I’d Rather Be With You.” His music has appeared in over 200 films, television series, and commercials.

In addition to multiple showstopping appearances on Ellen (who also enlisted him to perform at her wedding) and Today Show, as well as performances on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, and Conan, he contributed “Brand New Day” to a commercial in support of the troops at the request of First Ladies Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. He played to sold-out crowds around the globe and shared the stage with the likes of** Ed Sheeran, **Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, Sheryl Crow, Tori Amos, Imogen Heap, and The Script.

Not to mention, he’s a staunch philanthropist who supports Little Kids Rock and North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), among others. Thus far his catalogue consists of nine full-length offerings highlighted by fan favourites such as ‘We Were Here’, ‘Simple Times’, ‘Underwater’, ‘Wax Wings’, and ‘Here, Right Now’, to name a few.

Radin’s latest full-length album ‘The Ghost and The Wall’, was released in 2021 to widespread acclaim. Parade hailed the single “Goodbye” as “breathy, gorgeous and intimate”, and American Songwriter promised, “A more beautiful set of ballads would be hard to come by”. Riff Magazine rated it “9-out-of-10,” while No Depression assured, “As long as Radin remains this honest and the melodies this sweet there’s every reason to believe he’ll have enough to say for his next 15 years in the business”. Releasing a surprise new EP of material in January of this year, ‘though the world will tell me so, vol 1’, standby for further new music later on in 2023.

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