Junior “Long Way Home”
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Junior “Long Way Home”

JUNIOR is set to put Bedford on the map with fearsome statement of intent ‘Long Way Home’.

From the twisted and lazy inverted blues guitar chill beat driven under his playful ‘Hi my name is’ Slim Shady / Lil’ Dicky style flow, Junior flies out the traps with ‘Long Way Home’, which is, inevitably, where he is headed once the hip hop world gets a hold of him.

This well-groomed and equally well-mannered artist, real name James Watkinson, is one seriously skillful 24 year old, whose mastery of rap, vocals and production puts him on an immediate fast-track to the heights of ‘next big thing’ out of the UK. Hailing from Bedford, just outside London, this sleepy town is where Junior got to learn his craft whilst studying closely from influences within 90s RnB, SBTV, West Coast CDs & Jay Z.

Growing up recording in a summer cabin, Junior’s sound morphs and evolves to suit his surroundings and circumstance. Making music is undeniably central to his coming of age. He cites going on stage with Pharrell as an adolescent fan as a defining moment in his career.

‘Long Way Home’ is Junior’s new and undoubtedly most important single to date. The song is grounded by it chilled beats and sharp percussion as Junior’s witty lyrics and fresh flows effortlessly weave across the decades of golden hip hop to the latest styles from around the globe.

“I look at music as a way to summarize my life, treating every release like a chapter of a book, starting with my first project, ‘Adolescence’ to my most recent, ‘When A Flower Blooms’” explains Junior. “On a journey to find my own sound and become who I am meant to be, I have had to walk a ‘Long Way Home’. Which is what the single is about. The lyrics “From a small town, breaking walls down, you can guarantee ima’ find a way”, pretty much sums up the statement I’m making.”

Finding his “Range, like a Rover” it would be unwise to doubt this incredibly talented Bedfordian.

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