KAZMS “Nothing I Can Say”
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KAZMS “Nothing I Can Say”

KAZMS is the collaboration of Berlin/Dublin based Irish singer-songwriter Eoin Keely, Dublin electronic producer Ciarán Byrne and traditional Irish musician Seán Ó Casaide. The music is a stunning blend of their individual talents with Keely’s writing and delivery already drawing deserved comparisons with big Irish voices like Hozier and Dermot Kennedy combined with the subtle electronica of artists like Talos and James Blake.

‘This song is a reflection on the dying embers of a 7 year relationship. One that I should have ended years before i did. I didn’t have the courage, maturity and honesty to do the right thing. It is, in part, an imagined conversation between unrequited lovers. I still harbour guilt about this 8 years on. Worried that I gave reason for my partner to hold on to hope when, for me, all hope was lost. Sad that I left her in limbo for far too long and didn’t let her move on. “Hope will sink a ship that never moves on”’ – KAZMS

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