KEANA “Teardrops”
woman sitting on the floor in a dark room with rain pouring down

KEANA “Teardrops”

Los Angeles based KEANA is a multi-talented pop meets electronic music producer, audio engineer, vocalist, and sound designer who envisions a dream world constructed out of melancholic vocals, lush synth landscapes and hard-hitting beats. Having studied jazz music as a teen, KEANA’s vocals reflect a soft and airy, yet sultry tone. With strong mystic lyrics, her production styles range from alternative-electronic dream pop to melodramatic trip hop.

Her original focus was to be a vocalist and songwriter, but she quickly became intrigued on diving deeper and learning electronic production to create her sonic world. KEANA found it difficult to have her vision translated sonically through other producers. This is when she took interest in producing her own music and having full control, creatively speaking.

Once KEANA discovered her sound, it was like everything fell perfectly into place and she knew her life’s purpose, which is to make people tune into their emotions by having an experience and then connecting with themselves on a deeper, intuitive level. This connection deepens every time she expresses herself musically. “Music is a healing gift, a chance for people to connect with others, to think, to feel, to let go, to escape,” confides KEANA.

Her upcoming single “Teardrops” is a song that reinforces the importance of self-love in relationships. The immersive track features poetic lyricism, dreamy vocals, and dynamic synth-infused production complete with a prominent beat that creates a unique push pull effect for the listener. KEANA confides, ” ‘Teardrops’ speaks about realizing someone can only love you as much as they love themselves. The story is about being in a relationship with a “Fixer-upper,” this person seems put together on the outside but deep down they’re filled with insecurity and fear which often gets taken out on the partner. Eventually I take comfort in feeling my emotions and wish the other person would do the same.”

KEANA’s influences include Lana Del Rey, Grimes, Portishead, Massive Attack, and Bjork. KEANA never fails to deliver her ethereal signature sound.

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