Kiirstin Marilyn “Real Life”
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Kiirstin Marilyn “Real Life”

New York City, NY — In a moment etched in time on May 16th, 2021, Kiirstin Marilyn, acclaimed artist and empath, received a phone call that would change her world forever. Standing in the fitting room of a clothing store, the second call in quick succession from her mother carried the devastating message: “Kristoffer passed away.” In an instant,
Kiirstin’s world came crashing down. Her brother was gone. Kiirstin grew up with three brothers, among them, her beloved Kristoffer. Though technicalities marked them as “half” siblings due to their father’s previous marriage, Kiirstin never considered her older two anything less than her brothers.

Her admiration and deep connection with Kristoffer and Erik, her older half-brothers, transcended labels. Tragically, her brothers’ mother had battled mental health issues and alcoholism, conditions that were, in part, inherited by Kristoffer. It wasn’t until the age of 35 that he was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and Anxiety disorder.

For nearly two decades, Kristoffer had attempted to self-medicate his inner demons with drugs and alcohol without any knowledge of his underlying mental health conditions. At just 15 years old, Kiirstin was confronted with the harsh reality of her brother’s struggle when, at the age of 25, Kristoffer attempted suicide, leaving behind a note she has never seen. The mere existence of that note drove home the gravity of Kris’s situation for her. Without fully understanding “why,” Kiirstin made a solemn vow: she would always let her brother know, through words and actions, that she cared deeply for him and would stand by his side.

Now, 2-and-a-half years after Kris’s passing, Kiirstin is releasing an EP simply titled, Kristoffer, fulfilling an impossible wish – that her brother could hear her music and know the profound impact he had on her life.

“I just want people to know my brother and his story,” Kiirstin explains. “I want them to understand that he was here, that he meant something to me and my family. I want them to contemplate how easily society might have discarded him if he hadn’t had the support of family. While it wasn’t my initial intention to make a social commentary with this EP, as I have with previous releases, I hope listeners will gain greater empathy for their fellow human beings. We rarely know what others have been through or are currently facing.”

Kristoffer is a powerful collection of five original songs and one cover, produced by Adam Tilzer. This heartfelt and raw tribute will be available on all streaming platforms through Unuka Records on November 10th, 2023. Kiirstin Marilyn’s Kristoffer is not just an EP; it’s a heartfelt journey of love, loss, and remembrance, inviting us to reflect on the profound impact we can have on one another’s lives.


Concurrently, Kiirstin has been hard at work producing Kristoffer the Film, a music video and film project. Part 1 of this project was met with widespread acclaim when it released on October 13th, 2023, alongside the lead single, “Beyond the Bad.” In this compelling music video, Kiirstin skillfully delves into the profound themes of coping with loss and grief, all set against the backdrop of her personal journey with IVF, creating a poignant and evocative narrative.

Kiirstin Marilyn is a captivating alt-pop singer-songwriter, accomplished actor, and passionate activist rooted in the vibrant heart of New York City. Her lifelong journey has been a symphony of music and live performance, with her fascination for the stage kindled at the tender age of 3. Over the span of three extraordinary decades in the arts,

Kiirstin’s path has meandered from her early aspirations in musical theater to a remarkable pivot post-college as the frontwoman of a post-hardcore progressive rock band. Along the way, she co-founded the celebrated sketch comedy duo, the Goddamn Vegan S.O.B.s, alongside a tapestry of other creative projects.

At the age of 22, Kiirstin’s life took a transformative turn when she was introduced to the world of street activism and the profound concept of oppression. She bore witness to its diverse manifestations and the countless souls, human and non-human, ensnared in its grasp. At that moment, she resolved to wield her artistic expression as a mighty instrument to dismantle the very foundations that uphold these oppressive systems. It wasn’t until the fall of 2020,
with the release of her debut full-length solo album, “There Are No Cats in America,” produced by the talented Adam Tilzer, that Kiirstin’s vision was fully realized. Each track on this powerful album delves into a spectrum of themes, from feminism to veganism, while brilliantly drawing connections between various forms of oppression.

Kiirstin’s multifaceted talents extend to the small screen, with memorable appearances in acclaimed series like Mr.Robot (USA), Hightown (Starz), and an upcoming role in Dr. Death (Peacock). Her forthcoming EP, Kristoffer, also produced by the gifted Adam Tilzer and dedicated to her beloved brother who departed in May 2021, is set to enchant
listeners when it launches on November 10th, 2023.

Kiirstin Marilyn is a true luminary of the arts, using her gifts to echo the voices of the oppressed and illuminate the path toward a brighter, more just world. Her music, performances, and advocacy stand as a testament to the transformative power of creativity in the pursuit of social and environmental justice.

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