Kingdumb “Drive With Me”
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Kingdumb “Drive With Me”

Kingdumb, the highly regarded singer-songwriter and producer, has released his newest single, ‘Drive With Me’. The B-side, titled ‘Hype Raga’, is also out now.

Based in Swindon, the producer that never misses a beat pushes the dial to a new level with a sound that will knock you for six! Although Kingdumb has been enjoying a meteoric rise up the music echelons over the past few years, he demonstrates that he is still fresher than ever with two brand new bangers that strengthen his status in the scene even more.

Both songs feature sonic experimentation from Kingdumb, further pushing the producers’ horizons. In addition, the hook in ‘Drive With Me’ is reminiscent of the 1980s, and it sits over an electronic foundation packed to the brim with blazing pzazz! Also, the power and drive displayed in ‘Hype Raga’ cause the speakers to shake with admiration!

The level of excitement is at an all-time high, and these two new songs are not ones you should miss! Both are out now, including the official music video for ‘Drive With Me’

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