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Kingfisher “Stand Back In”

(Artist Bio) | May 26, 2023
3 men next to each other

Kingfisher is an international band based in Sweden. The core members are Julian
(from Colombia), Nich (from Italy) and Affe (from Sweden). The genre is a combination of modern indie-rock, new age, alternative and pop-rock. Kingfisher has a rather unique style, but can be compared to The Strokes, Bloc Party, Muse, Franz Ferdinand and Placebo.

Magical reality, musically real. An indie rock band in the north but born south, forged by melody and ice. Julian, Nich and Affe. The Strokes meet RHCP; Bloc Party meet Muse. “Stand Back In” is the climax of four years of music, the summit of a journey. Written in 10 minutes, it is a guitar riff born 10 years ago distilled by a drum groove as old as humanity. The song was there, waiting for us, using us as vessels, expecting to be heard. As it will on March 15th when it will be exclusively played in the national radio station P4, in Uppsala, it’s hometown. It is the lament of a missing friend, lost in the echoes of life; a prayer that they may come back to us, stand next to us once again.

Julian wrote the guitar part years ago and was waiting for a beat. The beat happened when Nich and Affe were jamming to a groove that is essential in modern drumming. Julian laid the riff on top and voilà, “Stand Back In.” It demanded involvement from the energetic Anton Ånell to write and perform for the bridge, which he brought with him on stage with Kingfisher once.

The video was shot in photogenic Stockholm on a Saturday night. To shoot it we had to ask The Churchill’s Arms permission, they said yes. The protagonist, Nich, smoked a cigarette for the first time since he quit 4 years ago for the video and regrets it. Anton and Nich had to film in a thin jumper in -5 degrees Celsius – they froze their sorry asses solid. Julian channeled 4 years of bitterness about Nich skipping band practices in one powerful, final look. Cut-to-black.

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