Kooma “Subliminal”
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Kooma “Subliminal”

Sublime electronic producer Kooma released his latest single ‘Subliminal’ on the 10th of February via Floating, Drifting Records. As the first release of the new year, the record follows soon after his recently released mixtape, Freefall.

A native of Finland, the producer has earned airplay from prominent radio stations in his home country, including the major national public broadcasting company YleX, Radio Helsinki, and Radio Keskisuomalainen. In the international radio market, his music has received spins from the Indonesian broadcaster RRI Pro 3 live and the American station TheGoosh Radio (R&B).

Online, his music has been featured on a number of notable YouTube channels such as Ambient, BLUME, and MOR Network. With nearly 12 million streams across platforms, his versatile productions have earned spots on many Spotify editorial playlists, specifically Now Loading., indie pop & chill, Montréal Chill, and New Music Friday across 10 countries, while his single ‘Sculpture (feat. VEELA)’ charted on Spotify’s Viral Charts, reaching #23 in Finland and #31 in Canada.

KOOMA switches things up with the new release, saying: _“The end of the year was pretty hectic for me because of the mixtape release, and I felt like a needed a complete change of pace for my next release. Typically I’d program drums over soundscapes like ‘Subliminal’, but my gut feeling told me to keep it minimal: no drums, just melodies.

Ambient songs like this leave more space for imagination, and I hope that this piece will spark inspiration for the listeners!”_Caught in a moment of blissful quiet, we find ourselves at peace listening to ‘Subliminal’. Soothing guitars break through clouds of atmospheric drones and panning swells. A saturated tonal bass anchors us down so that we don’t get lost drifting between stars. Arpeggiated plucks pull us inward, drawing us near to Kooma’s minimal yet satisfying production, which one can compare to the work of Nils Frahm, Brian Eno, eevee, and Jinsang.

Originating from Helsinki, Finland, based in Fuengirola, Spain, Kooma is the stage name of Petri Hautala, a 29-year-old producer and songwriter. Over the past 6 years, he has built a sound design-oriented signature sound that features elements of lo-fi, echoing percussions, and atmospheric guitars. His list of collaborators includes VEELA, a well-known Monstercat vocalist in the Drum & Bass scene, and Nomyn, a successful French chillout producer. Having discovered a love of music in his father’s CD collection, Kooma draws his influence from the likes of Linkin Park, EDEN, JOY. and Flume.

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