Laszlo Jones “Save My Soul”
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Laszlo Jones “Save My Soul”

Freedom seems to be the word that best describes Laszlo’s music and himself as an artist. He released his first record called “Banana Nation” in France in 2011, with Universal Music, achieving a fair critical and commercial success locally, and topping a million views with his video “Download Me I’m Free.”

Laszlo is first and foremost a music composer and he lets himself be guided by all 5 senses, his critical but joyful view of the world, and his remarkable appetite for freedom, to achieve exquisite songwriting, which is his strength.

Born in Beirut from a Dutch and Hungarian Father and a Lebanese mother, Laszlo Jones’ childhood was punctuated by many travels, following the expatriations of his parents, and gave him an exalted taste for adventure, discovery, and freedom. With a composing style characterized by crossover atmospheres, his signature sound lies at the intersection of pop/soul, rock, metal and electro.

In the end, it’s as if Laszlo Jones was composing music for his own mental movies. His inspiration does not know the format, it is free, like him.

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