Le Cygne Noir “Last Christmas”
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Le Cygne Noir “Last Christmas”

LE CYGNE NOIR returns with an alternative to the traditional seasonal cheer – and instead offers ‘Last Christmas’, a reflective take on the festive season.

Inspired by the iconic Julianne Regan from ‘All About Eve’ fame, as well as the social and personal concerns we have all faced, the ballad is touchingly honest and will strike a chord with anyone for whom the Yuletide season isn’t solely about rocking around the Christmas tree.

‘Last Christmas’ features the spine-tingling voice of none other than Julianne Regan – intertwined with the artist’s own – along with a haunting cello performed by Bethany Porter and atmospheric guitars by Neil Taylor. Between them, they create a simple, plaintive ballad spiced with off kilter harmonies. It’s a track for the end of the night, when the mulled wine has been drunk, the mistletoe is wilting, and the last dance is coming to an end.

“I hope ‘Last Christmas’ strikes the right chord between sorrow and hope, something to see out this tough year and look at brighter days ahead. Seasons Greetings to you all.”- LE CYGNE NOIR

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