Left Circles “Bleed It Out”
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Left Circles “Bleed It Out”


Brooklyn, NY’s Left Circles has released the new single “Bleed It Out,” along with a music video for the track, which appears on the upcoming debut LP ‘Nothing Is One Thing,’ out April 26 on Miserable Neighbor Records.

The solo project of Brooklyn-based musician Brian Pluta (live guitarist for Space Cadet), Left Circles is not content to stay confined to one style. The hook-heavy album (now available for pre-order) flies through several modes of rock, from‘90s lo-fi to Brit pop to ‘50s folk. It was mixed by Travis Harrison (Guided By Voices, Built to Spill) and features drums from Kellii Scott (Failure) and Harrison, as well as guest vocals from Matt Hock (Space Cadet, The Explosion). Brian also plays live guitar for Miserable Neighbor labelmates Space Cadet.

Of the single, Pluta says, “”Bleed It Out” was written by accident. I had already gotten all the tracks together for the record, and this one just sorta slipped out while I was practicing for a show. I don’t write a lot of purely positive songs, but it’s like this one demanded to exist. With all the negativity thrown at us these days, it’s too easy to internalize it to the point of self-defeat. This song is a little antidote.”

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