Light Grey “Loser”
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Light Grey “Loser”

Light Grey strikes the pop-punk scene yet again with their first single following the 2021 release of their second EP, “Are You Even Real”. The buoyant “Loser”, explains the realization of the songwriting principles of previously released singles, while the band candidly speaks about the evolution of how their new songs are now written, and most importantly, why.

“I talk about old songs we wrote when we were younger and before I started forcing myself to break out again.

[“I could unwrite Tuesday, Cassidy is perfect, every way, sick and tired of User_Name it’s just been looping on for days.”]

“When we wrote some of those songs, I feel like we weren’t writing songs for us we were writing to please others.”

[“The past is in the past, and I won’t let me hate myself”]

“I’ve come to accept that that was just a tiny part of something that helped me grow to be who I am today and who I aspire to be.”, front man Ciaran Nevin discusses.

“Loser” truly comes at a crucial time in young society when the majority is negatively hyper focused on social media. The consistent need for consumption on a filtered and fabricated lifestyle, begs the question – is real so wrong? This song is a reminder, that all we need to do is just be ourselves.

The single is a group effort, the duo self-produced the record in their home studio, adding in rough structures, pauses and lyrics, along with the overall attitude. The recording was sent to the bands live and touring drummer, Alan for the real drum elements. The developing multi tracks were then given to Luke Bovill (Happydaze – Thriller Records), creating a more punchy, grainy sound. Finally, the masters, completed by Ste Kerry (Charlie Simpson, While She Sleeps, Lotus Eater). Music video here.

“This song is a story of accepting how we’re all a bit nuts in our own unique way, that’s what makes up the “real” you. No one should feel ashamed of their unique personality, and no one should have to hide it. We’re repurposing the word Loser to be a middle finger to those that make you feel that you can’t be your true self”, Ciaran continues

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