Lottie McLeod “Bridge”
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Lottie McLeod “Bridge”

With a successful debut single and Queensland Music Award under her belt already this year, the 17-year-old Lottie McLeod is back with another track that pulls on the heartstrings of all listeners, ‘Bridge’.

“Bridge was written about navigating a relationship when distance separates you. I have two main approaches when writing; sometimes it’s putting myself in the perspective of another person and what they’re feeling, but often it’s drawing from personal experience. ‘Bridge’ is a little of both.” – Lottie McLeod

McLeod had written the song with an acoustic/folk energy but always knew it would evolve into something a little more indie-pop. Undoubtedly knowing the drums and guitars must play a prominent role, she sat down with a friend to put the demo down.

Lottie McLeod’s storytelling writing style is inspired by artists from her childhood such as The Killers and Taylor Swift, who McLeod found influential through their incredible lyric writing, reflecting their emotions. At only 17 years of age, the talented songwriter continues to write music every day, honing her craft of musical storytelling.

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