Louis Inglis “Bad Dreams”
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Louis Inglis “Bad Dreams”

Louis Inglis has been writing and recording music since the ‘90s. Starting with late night experiments in his dad’s jingle studio he’s slowly built up a small home studio and frankly, too many instruments. Known for abstract impressionistic lyrics and fingerpicked guitar, Louis uses a plethora of sounds from various pieces of equipment he has collected over the years.

Following on from 2021’s “Strange Energy”, his latest album “Bad Dreams” is a sad, calm and slightly psychedelic exploration.

Heavily featuring electric piano and raw vocals, the album consists of 11 understated tracks that gently drift the listener into stiller waters. A reaction to a often busy, jarring world, “Bad Dreams” offers a forgiving respite for those willing to listen.

A founding member of the Alt-pop-folk megaband Salary, Louis served as drummer from 2015 – 2019, playing hundreds of shows. He’s also played solo on many occasions but has retreated from the stage in recent years.

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