LOVELORN DOLLS “Happy Valentine”
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LOVELORN DOLLS “Happy Valentine”

Female-fronted Brussels-based dark gothic synth-rock duo Lovelorn Dolls presents a new music video, for their iconic track ‘Happy Valentine’. With profound impact, this gripping anthem has resonated with fans worldwide for the past decade of haunting melodies. The song that brought the duo acclaim, now offers them the chance to give back to those in need.

With its appealing theme, catchy chorus, penetrating goth rock guitar, and tortured electronic arrangements, ‘Happy Valentine’ was one of the most popular songs from the band’s second album ‘Japanese Robot Invasion’. Most importantly, this song is a somber reminder that not everybody’s love story has a happy ending.

Harnessing the power of music to create positive change, all profits from Bandcamp downloads will directly go towards supporting CVFE (Collective against Family Violence and Exclusion), a Belgian association combating domestic violence. €10 can accommodate a victim for 1 night in the CVFE Shelter. €60 can improve the quality of accommodation for victims (hygiene, cooking, textiles, children’s toys, etc.), €100 can feed 5 mothers with 2 children for a day, and €300 provides shelter to a victim for one month.

Just recently, Lovelorn Dolls also released ‘Beautiful Chaos’, previewing their fourth album ‘Deadtime Stories’. An ode to love stories gone wrong, here they inject some beautiful chaos into our lives, with the accompanying video** **thrusting their tiny girl protagonist into a descent towards a darker world, trapping her in an padded asylum room haunted by beautifully chaotic characters.

Lovelorn Dolls is Kristell Lowagie (lyrics, vocals, arrangements) and Bernard Daubresse (music, programming, guitars, production). Their sound blends the sound of Evanescence, Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil and The Birthday Massacre.

Produced, mixed and mastered by producer Maxx Maryan, known for his work with electro-goth metal duo Helalyn Flowers and** **IMJUDAS, the ‘Deadtime Stories’ album will be released this summer via Alfa Matrix / SPLEEN+, whose catalogue includes Front 242, Ayria, Recoil, Leather Strip and Alien Vampires.

‘Happy Valentine’ can be obtained via Bandcamp. The ‘Beautiful Chaos’ EP is also out now, available everywhere, including Apple Music**, Spotify and **Bandcamp. The full ‘Deadtime Stories’ album will be released on May 24.

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