woman in a dark room

Cult Black Venus “Burial Roses”

Cult Black Venus is the solo project of Anastasia Zelinskaya, a new emerging artist in the gothic-folk/doomgaze scene.
woman with a gun pointing at her head

LOVELORN DOLLS “Happy Valentine”

This song is a somber reminder that not everybody’s love story has a happy ending.
band playing on stage

Lovelorn Dolls “Beautiful Chaos”

Female-fronted dark gothic synth-rock duo Lovelorn Dolls presents 'Beautiful Chaos', the second tale unleashed from their fourth album.
man and woman standing outside looking at the sky

Frenchy and the Punk “Gear Geist”

Watch the music video for the indie goth-pop/alternative track by Frenchy and the Punk "Gear Geist".

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