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Indianapolis, IN based, Hip-Hop / Rock quartet LOVELY MACHINE has released the official music video for their new single, “Heroin.” Produced and mixed by Mitch Marlow, and mastered by Chris Athens, the music video for “Heroin” was directed/edited by Brian Cox.

“’Heroin’ is about being trapped in toxic love. It outlines a situation that you know is killing you but you just can’t ever escape it, It could be a drug, a person, or any addiction. No matter what you do, you keep coming back.” – LOVELY MACHINE

Drifting in a space between rock and hip-hop, c quartet LOVELY MACHINE still manages to shine through the fog and smoke that is blanketing the forefront of today’s modern rock scene.

Hailing from the Midwest, LOVELY MACHINE was formed in 2021 by vocalist and songwriter Sean Russel. Recruiting the help of members Luke Brishaber, Monroe Andrews, and Patrick Riitaaho, the unique assemblage created a sound that drives–yet haunts–the listener with high-energy riffs and infectious melodies. An “ear-worm feeling” that does not want to leave your head.

Drawing from past personal experiences and a plethora of musical influences, “Lovely Machine” aims to break the mold of listeners’ expectations on what heavy music can sound like–and brings you into the new world that these songs have created.

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