LUCIGENIC “Still Breathing”
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LUCIGENIC “Still Breathing”

Like the distillation of The Velvet Underground, Blondie and Mazzy Star at their untameable best, Lucigenic own a compelling sound both classic and dynamic. Directly following previous 2021 single “Hope”, but a world away from its dreamy stratospheres; the five-piece return this Summer with an altogether darker, grittier, and feverish affair on: ‘‘Still Breathing”.

With Lucy Davies’ distinctive vocal pitch leading the charge, “Still Breathing” tackles the effects of social media and the feelings of disconnect that it can induce. As Lucy explains:

“‘Still Breathing’ was written early last year and reflects how easily life can take people down the wrong track , losing sight of true heroism and measuring success by popularity from the false, virtual world of social media.”

A masterclass in unadulterated alternative rock unafraid to break the mould, the release features a number of major names who aided the band in bringing the electrifying track to life. With a double drummer attack from 2 esteemed drumming legends Dave Barbarossa (Bow Wow Wow, Republica) and Simon Wolstencroft (The Fall/Ian Brown). Elsewhere, Mark Refoy (Spiritualized/Spacemen 3) adds his uniquely mesmeric guitar shimmers.

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