Luke Petruzzi “Photographs”
abstract painting of many different colors swirled together

Luke Petruzzi “Photographs”

With a bold, genre-defying sound that melds his soulful vocals and prominent vocal sampling with pocketed beats inspired by trap, UK garage, and bass music, Luke Petruzzi is a rising talent in electronic music.
Drawing inspiration from diverse artists like James Blake, Four Tet, and Ivy Lab, Petruzzi composes unique tracks that manage to feel ethereal yet relatable. The music showcases his love of taking creative risks and embracing intuitive spontaneity to uncover a novel artistic vision.
Petruzzi produces out of his San Francisco, CA-based studio, surrounded by synthesizers and drum machines that fuel his daily meditation of creating new sounds and ideas. His latest track, “Photographs,” is inspired by past retrospection amidst its hypnotic electronic soundscape.

“I felt the inspiration for ‘Photographs’ while going through old pictures on my phone late one night,” Luke says. “I saw images of friends, festivals, beautiful memories, but stopped scrolling when I came across a photo of an ex-girlfriend and I together on a date that I remember fondly. In the photo, I can see something in my eyes that portrays a closedness I wasn’t yet consciously aware of at that time. I was somehow guarded – not guarded in communication or emotionally – but on some intuitive level where I knew we were in love but the relationship itself wouldn’t last. It felt poignant and surprising to see this in an image of myself from that point in time.”

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