Maidin “Celestial Body”
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Maidin “Celestial Body”

Maidin is a New Jersey born and bred singer, songwriter, musician and actress. The artist, who took her name to mean morning in Irish Gaelic, crafts ethereal and pensive folk-laced indie pop layered with soft electronic beats that is as bittersweet as it is enthralling.

Maidin began singing and playing instruments as a very young child. Fascinated by the violin in the first grade, she begged her mother for music lessons but became frustrated with reading sheet music. This led Maidin to learn music her own way, pretending to read sheet music while secretly playing by ear.

Soon after, Maidin began to pick up piano by ear in church and school, and eventually received piano, guitar, and voice lessons which progressed her natural talent and helped shape her technique.

As a teenager, the talented singer played in a band in her friend’s basement but didn’t consider music as an attainable profession, and therefore decided to pursue a career in acting and joined off- Broadway performances in New York City. After experiencing an abrupt halt in the acting business at the start of the pandemic, Maidin returned to her roots in music, joined a local band, and was quickly signed to Siri Music Group after being discovered playing in the streets of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Drawing influences from the likes of songwriting powerhouses Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton, along with experimental pop musicians St. Vincent and Sylvan Esso, Maidin aims to create music that captures the vivid storytelling of folk music with a fresh and modern alternative pop sound. Her upcoming releases detail coming-of-age relationships and all the relatable emotions that go hand-in-hand with experiencing love, loss, yearning, and grief.

In her debut single “Celestial Body”, Maidin’s impassioned vocals soar over melancholic acoustic guitars, echoing harmonies, and velvety-laced soundscapes that gently seduce and envelop the listener for an immersive and heart-wrenching experience. “Celestial Body” details a love that’s just out of reach and a longing to be with someone that you ultimately can’t have.

Maidin confides, “the first idea for ‘Celestial Body’ came to me on a beach in July, when the moon was out in the middle of the day. It’s a really unsettling thing to see, as I’m sure most people know. I started thinking of the image of a “celestial body” to represent somebody who I would’ve liked to be close with, but this person was keeping me at a distance. A celestial body is something beautiful, that you can admire and love from far away, but you can’t ever reach. Melodically and musically, the song seemed to come out of thin air.”

With an otherworldly breathtaking voice and a natural ability to capture life’s most significant moments through emotion-stirring lyrics and thoughtful storytelling, Maidin is an artist on the rise. “Celestial Body” is due March 11th via Siri Music Group.

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