Malcolm MacWatt “That’s How We Roll”

Malcolm MacWatt “That’s How We Roll”

As the driving force behind London band The Glass Mountains, Malcolm MacWatt had already gained 4-Star national press recognition for his powerful song-writing. As a solo performer, swapping out his telecaster for an acoustic guitar, his story-telling comes to the fore, often with brutal clarity and his acoustic albums “Anywhere But Here” and “Three Truths and The Chord” have received glowing reviews.

For his third studio release “Dial It Back” he turned the electricity back on to explore his 70s rock roots. With his latest EP “Hearts and Horizons” MacWatt sings of love, passion, hope and grief mixing the sounds of classic country with a modern production.

Hailing from the North of Scotland, he has worked on the North Sea offshore oil platforms, as a newspaper journalist, in education and now lives in London.


“A true Country and Americana artist with a small dusting of Bluegrass that I adore! If you haven’t already, buy this EP, you’ll be glad you did!” Dom Crooke, Country Chat UK

“I love Malcolm MacWatt’s music, it’s absolutely sensational and heartfelt. Beautiful, beautiful songs” Simon Birds Country Music Showcase

“I think this is the most “country” country EP I have heard in a long time. I cannot recommend ‘Hearts And Horizons’ strongly enough.” Forever British Country

“The EP opens with the incredibly clever and emotive Raining Down In Nashville…the song uses incredible imagery and dual meanings” Silverball Country

“Our Artist of the Day is Malcolm MacWatt “ Sound & Country Vision

“Can’t believe I’ve not found you earlier absolutely first class” Brian O’Reilly Country

“(Raining Down In Nashville) one of the songs of the year for me” Nick Cantwell Belles & Gals

“Mal MacWatt truly is an extraordinary powerful songwriter” Rob Ellen, Medicine Music and founder of the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival

“Recognised for his Americana-influenced writing – his story-based songs have a British roots vibe and a relatable personal dimension” R2 Magazine

“A heartfelt album that really hits the spot… with MacWatt really stepping up on this album and making his talent known” 4 Stars, Maverick Magazine

“… a talented guitar player who switches it up enough with style… his singing is also top notch… he has that stoic sort of voice that can proudly reflect upon the past no matter how many troubles were there…this album contains heartfelt and sincere songs which are the backbone to this experience” Divide & Conquer

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