Mauger “Nr 79”
band members standing next to each other in front of an orange wall

Mauger “Nr 79”

For way too long, Mauger wrote songs just for himself, recorded them on old cassettes, and kept them safe in a box. A trip to Costa Rica, a music studio with jungleview and some lucky shots later, and suddenly a band was shaped. The quartet with Jan, Jakob (both ex-Absynthe Minded) and Matthias (ex-Sioen), released their first full album, Sunday Competition, in

2019 which immediately received many enthusiastic reactions by both radio and playlists. The successor to Sunday Competition is now ready and will be called SHINY. But their debut album still finds its way online into living rooms across national borders. For example, listen to ‘No Time to Look At You’, which has since been listened to more than 1.3 million times on Spotify, and still counting.

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