Max Blansjaar “Anna Madonna”
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Max Blansjaar “Anna Madonna”


Amsterdam-born and UK-based Indie Pop artist Max Blansjaar has announced his debut album, ‘False Comforts’ will be released on June 21st through the Beanie Tapes label.

Having self-recorded his early EPs, the 21-year-old sought to expand the sonic horizons of his elaborate and intricate demos by collaborating with producers Katie Von Schleicher and Nate Mendelsohn in Brooklyn, New York.

The results of these sessions are ten songs that feel somehow grounded in Brooklyn, Oxford, Amsterdam, or somewhere in between. The album’s lead single “Anna Madonna” is the first hint of what to expect from this beautiful and beguiling new LP.

Artist Quote on “Anna Madonna”:

“It’s not easy out there. It hurts! Sometimes you want to lash out, renounce all ties, retreat into yourself. Trust nobody; pull the plug on them all. ‘Anna Madonna’ is a manifesto to say that we stay standing by holding each other through the storm. There is no cosmic conspiracy, no grand plan — frightening, tiresome, but above all a reminder to hold on to what we have. I wrote the words on a Post-It note which I stuck to my bedside table and left there until a melody appeared. It is best sung in front of mirrors and on school playgrounds.” – Max Blansjaar

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