Max Doud “Overdue”
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Max Doud “Overdue”

Bringing 2022 to a close, Max Doud releases “Overdue”- a fitting track as we head into a New Year. “Overdue” carries a motif of change; Doud focuses on looking ahead into the future while taking into consideration the hindsight of the past. “Overdue” is also Doud’s second single to be released through Sin Eater Entertainment- a full service entertainment company and record label with worldwide distribution through INgrooves/Universal.

Max Doud is making major strides in his career; in the handful of months the singer/songwriter has been working in conjunction with Sin Eater Entertainment, the growth in both his audience and his own musical prowess is apparent.

“Overdue” is a contemporary rock song with respective pop and indie elements throughout the track. Meaningful lyrics accompanied by a strong instrumental background help guide listeners through the song, complimenting one another to create a catchy groove and flow.

Max Doud describes the meaning of “Overdue” by saying: “Overdue” is about getting over something in your life. Whether it be a relationship or any other challenge, it’s about moving past it and looking forward to what’s coming. It’s about moving past mistakes and knowing changes are needed and having the courage to make those changes despite the addiction to what’s familiar to you.”

-Official bio

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