Meshae “Kick It”
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Meshae “Kick It”

Meshae is a veteran recording artist which is quite a statement considering the fact that she is only 19 years old. Her recording career started when she was 9, hanging in the studio with her recording artist father and constantly looking for opportunities to slip on the headphones, stand in front of a microphone and sing her heart out.

From the age of 10 Meshae loved to perform and participated in as many talent shows as she could find. Her polished understanding of singing and performance comes from her participation and love for church choirs and Gospel where she perfected the vocal and performance skills that will propel her to the top of the charts.

A native of Toronto/Rexdale, a community steeped in hip hop and R&B history, Meshae writes and performs her own material under the musical guidance of recording artist and producer Cinqo CEO, a founder member of Ghetto Concept and the head of G7 Records.

Inspired by the style and performances of Beyonce’ and Brandy, Meshae’s music offers her listeners infectious rhythms and beats as well as lyrics that listeners can easily identify with. A savvy businesswoman with immense energy and drive, Meshae loves her busy life.

Besides maintaining an intense schedule as she prepares for her first major music release, Meshae is finishing up a college degree in Marketing and overseeing a successful eyelash and nail business that she started when she was high school. Meshae believes in hard work, dedication and constant self-improvement.

Meshae is poised to record, perform and continue to grow her loyal core audience. She believes in the power of music and the role recording artists have in shaping society.

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