Mint “Radiator”
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Mint “Radiator”

Mint are a loud and energetic cocktail made from parts of Iggy Pop and The Hives. Hailing from Grimsby Town, Mint can be described as the erratic and gut-busting Rock’n’Roll that your father smokes cigars to. Championed by Radio 1, Kerrang!, BBC 6 Music, Radio X, BBC Introducing, Channel 4 and ITV This Morning.

About their new single Radiator, singer Zak Rashid states: “It’s nice to finally release this one, we’ve been playing it live for almost 4 years and Lenny and I always said that we shouldn’t get bored of it, we should just let it develop and develop until we felt it was ready for the world. It hasn’t changed too much since we first wrote it but we just became much more understanding about what kind of song it was meant to be, especially on record.”

-Official bio

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