MONTE “Dysfunctional Mess”
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MONTE “Dysfunctional Mess”


MONTE was formed by singer and lead guitarist, Caitlin Montclare in 2017, later adding drummer and audio engineer, Ismael Baiz, and bassist Meghan Rose to the official line- up. Since becoming MONTE, the band has released several singles, two EPs and performed more than 50 shows throughout the United States, including renowned New York venues such as “The Knitting Factory” and “The Bowery Electric”.

MONTE is influenced by a lot of bands from the late 80’s and early 90’s such as punk bands The Lunachicks, NOFX, Bad Religion, The Offspring and metal bands like Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Plasmatics. Montclare takes an old school sound and puts her own spin on it with the band adding interesting chord changes, riffs, and song structure. Drummer, Ismael Baiz likes to call this “The MONTE pocket”

The band’s first full-length album is due out late Spring/early Summer of 2024 and is mixed by two time Grammy Award nominated Dan Malcsh and Jeremy Kinney. New single “Dysfunctional Mess” is all about taking yourself back after a toxic relationship. The song invites listeners to look inward and make peace with their inner demons. “Dysfunctional Mess” is a hard-hitting punk rock track filled with explosive guitars, driving bass and confident melodies.

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