Natalie Carr “Apple Pie”
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Natalie Carr “Apple Pie”

There is an innovative, sultry, new-age Pop/R&B combo in the blazing North Carolina music scene, and she goes by Natalie Carr.


Based in Charlotte, NC, by way of Stamford, Connecticut, Carr considers herself to be a crossover artist siting influence from R&B and Pop. Over the past year, Carr has released resonating hits such as “SEVEN2TWO“, “Apple Pie“, “Drive” and “Wasted Potential“. Fans of Carr gravitate towards her honest lyricism and the way she resonates with their day-to-day lives.


Her writing may range from heartbreak to society’s perception of young women, to personal anguish and addiction she has experienced in her own life. No matter, the songstress strives to speak through her music on a personal level.

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