New Indie Music Discovery: “Fastracks” 22
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New Indie Music Discovery: “Fastracks” 22

Discover & preview 5 new tracks in less than 5 minutes f. Moxi, rep Zac, Arieliza, Wine Lips & baseball hat.

You can submit a track for consideration (below).


Watch full videos and get more info about this episode’s featured artists below:

Moxi, a husband – wife indie pop duo from Los Angeles, is built on the dreamy, introspective vocals of Anna Toy set in a cinematic musical landscape composed by Andy Toy.

Drawing on elements of modern pop and 80’s cinema, Moxi presents Anna’s distinct vocals against a backdrop of dark electronic textures, moody guitar sonics and memorable dreampop melodies. With over 200,000 views on their ‘Figures Bathed in Light’ video, Moxi’s other successes to date include over a 1.5 million streams for their single ‘Save Me’, which went viral on Spotify, while also sharing the stage with bands such as Sir Sly, Wildcat! Wildcat and Gungor among others. 

Moxi has also received numerous TV placements and global favor, being featured on shows such as Almost Family, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Young and the Restless, I Am Cait, Total Bellas, and Made in Chelsea. And they continue to garner acclaim from Huffington Post and Live Nation Ones to Watch among many other media outlets.

The acclaimed King of Synthwave, rep Zac has made his mark in the underground synthwave industry with his most popular releases, “Torture”, “Miami Love”, and “Misery”.

Arieliza is a 21-year-old Singer/Songwriter who has been performing since she was 4. Her songs are laced with traces of Pop, Folk and a touch of Punk, creating a unique Indie sound that continues to develop as she grows. Her insightful lyrics connect to deep-cutting human emotions that she shares with us as she’s trying to figure things out herself.
Arieliza’s music is on all streaming services @Arieliza

Toronto’s premiere buzz band, Wine Lips, have just announced their latest full-length release Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party due out this Fall on Montreal’s Stomp Records. The announcement comes with the premiere of the album’s first single and video for the song Eyes.

The video, which was filmed and directed by Sammy J. Lewis, begins in a seedy Toronto alley and descends into a chaotic and psychedelic live performance. Singer Cam Hilborn describes the video by saying, “Sammy had the idea of making it look like the band was playing inside a garbage bag, so we did a classic performance video but tried to make it a little more interesting with crazy fast paced cuts and some added green screen fun. It was super fun, super sweaty and we felt like trash by the end of the day.”

Eyes is a one minute and thirty second gate crasher for the band’s emergence back into the live music scene. Cam Hilborn’s vocals sit atop the driving buzz of distorted guitars and the pounding backbeat of Aurora Evans’ drums. Her fierce and driving beats call to mind the band’s legendarily wild and frenetic live shows.

Commenting on the message behind Eyes, Hilborn says, “Eyes is a song about feeling burnt out creatively, mentally and physically. Something so many of us can relate to, even more so over the past year and a half. It sheds light on situations where you find yourself powering through the days with different coping methods brought on by late nights, alcohol and promiscuity, and seeing how far you can push the limits of your body before you find yourself defeated and broken down.”

baseball hat is the brainchild of musician, producer, multi instrumentalist duo Harrison Smith and John Sygar. The sound draws inspiration from everything from Tame Impala to Drake to Radiohead to Stephen Sondheim. It has been described as “psychedelic bubblegum indie music to dance and cry to”.

Their debut album “send this to your crush” releases 9/17/21. It was recorded in the duo’s spare bedroom.

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