New Indie Music Podcast – “Short Cuts” Ep 131
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New Indie Music Podcast – “Short Cuts” Ep 131


Preview indie music by Pet Needs, Atomic Life, Circolo Vizioso, Chief State, Then Comes Silence, Lucigenic, Melonball, modernlove, Gramercy Arms and Shirlette Ammons.

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4 male band members standing in front of a white wall
Pet Needs "Trip"
Riding high on the back of a Top 20 Album and the prospect of a major UK tour right around the corner,...
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band sitting against a wall
Atomic Life "Incense & Aries"
Atomic Life is a supergroup made up of pillars of the New York hardcore world.
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2 musicians standing in stairs holding guitars
Circolo Vizioso "Verrückt"
German-Italian post-punk duo Circolo Vizioso presents the title track from their debut album 'Verrückt'.
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4 band members in front of a blue wall
Chief State "Metaphors"
Vancouver, BC pop punk trailblazers, Chief State, are debuting "Metaphors" the second single off their...
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new wave band standing in front of a blue wall
Then Comes Silence "Like a Hammer"
Sweden's Then Comes Silence bring a new serving of their infectious post-punk with their new 'Like a...
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woman standing in a room with tables
Lucigenic "Star"
Lucigenic are back with the brand new single: “Star”.
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band members sitting in a counter
Melonball "Rage"
Nuremberg Germany's Melonball will release an acoustic EP titled eup•nea on April 12. The second single...
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band members standing outside in a city
modernlove. "Don't Feel Myself"
rish pop-rockers modernlove. are back with a huge new single, Don't Feel Myself.
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man standing on a sidewalk at night
Gramercy Arms "Never Say Anything"
NYC indie pop collective Gramercy Arms presents 'Never Say Anything', a gorgeously performed paean to...
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woman and two children
Shirlette Ammons "HELLO"
Shirlette Ammons is a Black queer southern truth teller, an Emmy and Peabody award-winning TV producer,...
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