NHOAH “Bissi Laut Jetzt”
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NHOAH “Bissi Laut Jetzt”


NHOAH has made his name as a producer, composer, DJ, mixing engineer, record label owner. To his core, NHOAH is devoted to creative culture and its inhabitants.
Among the broad and diverse electronic music community there are very few true mavericks who uphold the core belief that music is the result of something bigger than us, something divine. NHOAH is one of these rare artists. NHOAH operates in his own domain, with unflinching dedication to maintaining the purity and conscious impact of music – evident in his output and ethos. With a decorated career dating back to the eighties, including work with producer Larry Steinbacheck (Bronski Beat), mixing engineer Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode) or Brian Pugsley (Sugarcubes and The Shamen), he has depth of experience complemented by an outlier approach. Combined with his unwavering passion, daring attitude and natural gift for connecting with the dance floor, these attributes position NHOAH as an exceptional artist. If you’re unfamiliar with his sound, think The Prodigy meets Chez Damier down the pub with Bicep; house music, spliced with rave and amplified by techno. Positive energy emanates from his music, even when it gets dark.
(Marcus Barnes)

NHOAH’s live set at Fusion / Tanzwüste in front of 10,000 enthusiastic people in prime time after Oliver Huntemann was one of his highlights last year, as was his set at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2023.

His track ‘Sommernach-Tanz den Takt ft. Mello1’ reached #9 in the German Urban Charts and had massive airplay (FM4, Fritz, MDR Sputnik Roboton and others). This was a big surprise for a club act like NHOAH. Several international playlists followed the support (Belgium, Netherlands, Mexico), even though it was a techno track with a German rap.

In addition to the current results he was the cover feature at MIXMAG BR and also drawing recognition from leading music publications such as Resident Advisor,Techno Live Sets, Techno Germany, Techno Addiction, Techno NL, Techno Wereld,Progressive Astronaut, Suprematic Sounds, 8day Montreal, Sweet Space, Dancefloor Romancer, When We Dip, Deep House London, Sweet Music, Music is 4 Lovers, Music, Quietus, TRAX Mag, Data Transmission, The Arts Desk, MTV London and Electronic Groove as well as airplay on BBC 6 Nemone’s Electric Ladyland.

He performed a live video on a suspended glass stairway on the Dachstein Glacier called ‘ Stairway To Nothingness – Glacier Concert’ as well as a ‘ Live Set In A Storm In A Wall-less Skyscraper’, both of which premiered via BE-AT TV and has racked up over a million views across streaming platforms to date.

Tracks by NHOAH are supported by renowned DJs such as: Joris Voorn, Tini Gessler, Hardwell, Nicole Moudaber, Oliver Heldens, TSHA, Coeus, Who Made Who, Digitalism, Rebūke, Sister Bliss / Faithless, Paco Osuna, Roger Sanchez, Marc Broom, Beatamines, Freejak, Little Fritter, Dee Montero, Ruben Mandolini, Auntie Flo, Dan Marciano, Borgore, Eelke Kleijn & Betoko.

Again and again I’m confronted with the question: What am I doing? Why keep trying new things, different styles, different tempos, different sounds? Why not fall back on the tried and tested, implement successful formulas, bang – boom.
The answer is simple: music is not like that. Energy always develops differently, redefines itself, needs different components. And that’s why I love it so much. Developing the music of the future, sensing the next step, taking people on a journey they don’t know they’re on, even though it’s already inside them – that’s my thing. Amplifying the awakening that can be found in new music and turning as much of it upside down as possible is what keeps me going, what gets me out of bed every morning, and when I stand in front of the mirror and think F**k, you look tired, maybe you should cut back a bit”, the resolution only lasts until the first cup of coffee.
My enthusiasm for technique and playing live is older than most of the dancers in the club. But when they watch and listen to me, they feel the enormous energy I have for what I do, and that it is usually much more than they expect. This is transmitted to the audience, comes back to me and so we spiral into another world. Then my years are no longer “age” but the duration of an experience, of maturity. I often think that I’m only now ready for the hurdle in front of me, to produce the track in such a way that you can’t get past it, I couldn’t have done it a minute earlier.
The latest result is ’BISSI LAUT JETZT’, a mix of hard dance, rap and techno. My aim was to integrate different influences, like rap, into techno without it losing its direct, dark power. And there are more than enough reasons to be BISSI LAUT (Little Loud). The JETZT (Now) is the crucial point.
I found the perfect musical partner in Mello1. His rap has coolness and a call to action. Defining your own world again at the age of 21 touches my soul.

BISSI LAUT JETZT is a very powerful track. It wants to show you how important this moment is and how important it is to do everything for it. Raise your voice if you have to. Dance, even if you don‘t have to! Live this life and express yourself!

-Official bio

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