NHOAH “Sie Lacht Am Dach”
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NHOAH “Sie Lacht Am Dach”

Techno at 140bpm and a dadaism inspired rap are the main ingredients of ’Sie Lacht Am Dach‘. The poem is performed by ENGL, an artist from South Tyrol who lives in Vienna and works mainly in the world of modular synthesizers.

His vocal lines are a driving force and a source of humour.


In NHOAH’s words: There is this longing that won’t let me go. It almost tears my heart apart. Luckily we meet in dark techno halls or outdoor raves and the spark of optimism begins to fly. We travel for an evening, through a night and night after night with this strength and a lot of humour. That’s what keeps me going. That’s what the song is about. Looking down from above, seeing much, not understanding everything, turning on the music and dancing until my heart calms down to the fast beat. I am very happy to have met Engel because I needed someone who was on the same wavelength to hit the musical spot emotionally and lyrically.

-Official bio

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