Niilas “Pyromid”
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Niilas “Pyromid”

Norwegian producer and composer Niilas returns with his new single ‘Pyromid’, released on the 6th of October. With his debut album Also This Will Change gaining him a Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemann) for ‘Electronic Music Record of the Year’, the multi-faceted producer has garnered over 1 million plays across all platforms and received airtime on BBC Radio 1, earning recognition and praise from the likes of VICE, Stereogum, Magnetic Magazine and ElectronicGroove. In addition, he headlined at Munch-museum, appeared at Øyafestivalen 2022 which featured Gorillaz, and performed at Spot Festival 2023 before notable artists Caribou and Todd Terje.


Seamlessly blending genres, instruments and electronics into a unique expression of club music, Niilas is experimental in his process, creating glittery textures of sound, an homage to his indigenous Sámi background and Arctic aesthetics. Refusing to be pinned-down to genre, he has most recently collaborated with folk-musicians from Norway and Iran, working across genres and expressions, expanding the map of what defines electronic music.


Elegantly maneuvering the borders between house, techno, ambient and sound design, ‘Pyromid’ is brazenly bold and unique. A fat four-to-the-floor beat anchors the track from the beginning, as modular sounding percussion wiggles and clicks in the background, exciting the soundscape and keeping things forever interesting. There’s also a Hardanger-fiddle (Norway’s National Instrument) string accompaniment which adds a deeply organic and melodious feel to the song, set atop an acid-sounding synth bass which marauds and weaves across the low end, occasionally opening its filter to unleash more harmonics and rising tension. ‘Pyromid’ sounds like it was made on another planet, but one very similar to earth, and could be enjoyed at the club or just as easily at a shamanic initiation.


Niilas had this to say: “I’ve tried to completely let go of my own expectations, and rather try to let the immense changes that the world is going through impact my creative direction. Sort of letting the music river run through me. «River Of Noise»  has both conventional club tracks, and some really interesting collaborations with folk-musicians from both Norway (with the Harding-fiddle) and Iran (Santoor)”

-Official bio

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