Noel “Hurt Somebody”
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Noel “Hurt Somebody”


After making waves with his viral TikTok covers, Stockholm-born NOEL is gearing up to release his debut EP, Headed North, out 15th March.

Longing, heartbreak, and introspection find their way into our lives at one point or another – sometimes all at once. On his debut EP Headed North, NOEL gracefully, yet powerfully, confronts these all-too-human feelings in a series of striking and goosebump-inducing ballads that are sure to envelop the listener sonically and emotionally.

NOEL: “This EP will always be special to me as it is my first and in many ways my introduction into music and songwriting. I started writing songs together with others a little over two years ago, without any real concept or deeper thought behind it. Eventually I found that the songs over time started to find their place and became a coming-of-age story that I’m excited to finally share.”

Opening with the enticing focus track ‘Hurt Somebody,’ NOEL’s lyrics convey the state of disrepair we are left in when hurt by another, feeling all too real. “I’m sharp on every side, ever since you left me I cut like a knife, I can’t stop.” Accompanied by this set of visceral lyrics full of anxious energy is NOEL’s serene and full vocal tonation – akin to pop superstars such as Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur. The singer explains that the song ‘plays into the cliché, yet very true saying “hurt people hurt people.” For me, it describes a feeling of numbness and desperation. There was a period in my life where I carried around unresolved hurt, which ended up affecting people around me who didn’t deserve it.’

And don’t miss the gripping music video, with the singer a figure in blue among a sea of red, eventually dissolving into chaos. Speaking on the process of making the video, NOEL says: ‘Making the music video for ‘Hurt Somebody’ was one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had. The entire set was built from the ground up and was crafted with a lot of love. It involved hours of finding and thrifting everything you see in the interior, and sooo many hours of painting it all red. In the end it was kind of bittersweet breaking some of the stuff that I had grown attached to.

‘The room is a metaphor for a relationship that you try to nurture and care for but small things from your past build up and haunt it. You dance around the problem instead of actually dealing with the real issue. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, it always ends up with the same result.’

Going further into the EP, a striking element that is consistently on display throughout is the production quality, with Freddy Alexander bringing studio magic to NOEL’s songwriting and performance. In the introspective and emotive title track, NOEL’s vibrato-laden vocal runs perfectly layer themselves over a booming piano base, building to a dramatic crescendo.

Recent single ‘Everything’s Fine’ dissects the what-ifs and what-could-have-beens that run through the psyche following a destructive fallout, its emotion strikingly encapsulated as a duet which features seasoned Norwegian artist, Tessa Odden. Taking a turn into something different, standout track ‘30 Loose Ends’ marks this distinct change with airy acoustic guitar chords, melted together with an echoed vocal performance from NOEL, an intimate dance with themes of childhood love and the enduring strength of relationships forged in our youth.

With the gentle pulse of ‘When You’re Not Mine’ leading into a soaring chorus, eventually the EP comes to its closing track ‘Ruth’. A deeply personal song, this is a tribute to NOEL’s late grandmother, who passed away in his childhood. Co-written with his sister, the beautiful track aches with grief, stunningly conveyed with a gentle rhythm. When speaking about writing it, NOEL says: ‘Losing someone that close to you is a difficult thing to process as a kid and for me it hit me many years later. It was a hard realization that she will never get to know the person I grew up to be. She only ever met the annoying kid I was back then. I think that a lot of people can relate to the feeling of wishing you had valued certain relationships more growing up.’

The young and exceptionally talented artist who captured the hearts of millions on TikTok (over 10 million views and counting) with his captivating bedroom covers. NOEL’s early years were consumed by his love for football. It wasn’t until a knee injury abruptly ended his football dreams at the age of 17 that music truly took centre stage in his life.

Slowly but surely, NOEL started exploring his musical talents by singing in the shower and learning a few piano chords. Soon he would spend hours each day playing instruments and singing, a routine he still follows with unwavering dedication. NOEL’s journey as a songwriter began unexpectedly when his TikTok covers attracted the interest of industry professionals. At the age of 21, he has already collaborated with seasoned songwriters and producers, channelling his innate talent and passion into his own original compositions.

A rising star born from bedroom covers. His unique voice, combined with honest and revealing lyrics, promises an extraordinary future in the world of music. NOEL’s story has just begun.

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