Noise Blossom “Live Loud”
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Noise Blossom “Live Loud”

Engage My Nervous
When Noise Blossom released their debut album, Engage My Nervous, in 2018, few would have guessed that apart from the drums, all instruments and vocals were written and performed by singer/guitarist Michael Mullens. True to Michael’s vision, the self-funded album was recorded and mixed on two inch tape.

The album took two years of frugal living and working over 60 hours a week at Home Depot and Food For Less to fund. Michael decided to call his project, Noise Blossom, named after one of his favorite bands, Soundgarden. Citing that a “Noise Blossom” sounds like something that would grow in a “Soundgarden”. The album is the lineage of 90’s heavy rock melded with the present day to form a raw and unique take on the classic genre.


Live Loud, the first song off of Noise Blossom’s second album, is a call to action that ignites and echos the ethics of rock n’ roll, from the Beatles to Nirvana. It is the first song ever recorded by Noise Blossom in 2014 along with 9 other songs. The album was never completed because, having just started to sing, guitarist and songwriter, Michael Mullens, didn’t feel confident enough to deliver the necessary rock vocal performance the songs needed.

Now after 7 years, Michael revisited the songs and finished recording the album, Louderage. It is Noise Blossom’s second release, but first recorded songs. It is both a blast from the past, and a fuck you from the future all at once. The future is here, and it’s loud… Released 09/24/2021.


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