Nowhere North “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
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Nowhere North “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

This folk-inspired alternative project consists of a middle school English teacher named Tyler Daniel and a whole sleuth of amazing supporters along the way, Jordan and Jesse among them. It was only when Tyler and Jordan decided to compose Tyler’s original music that Nowhere North became a music project, born in the recording studio while recording the group’s first single “Run”.

Nowhere North’s latest endeavor is recording, mixing, mastering, and releasing a trilogy of back-to-back covers, starting with “Gods Gonna Cut You Down” in January 2022, transitioning to “Hurt” in March 2022, and concluding with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in May 2022.

The music project’s climactic goal is producing and releasing a passion LP titled “Lucy and the Voyager” by 2023. A series of songs narrating Tyler Daniel’s journey to self-fulfillment and enlightenment while starting at a point of darkness and misery, this debut LP will be accompanied by a narrative written in prose to document the Voyager’s journey. “Lucy and the Voyager” will be a combination of Rock, Alternative, and Folk.

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