Owls & Aliens “These Vices”
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Owls & Aliens “These Vices”

Klamath Falls, OR – Owls & Aliens Release Their Single “These Vices” with MVK Music Group. “These Vices” is their last single release from their forthcoming album due out this summer! Owls & Aliens bring the hot sauce to rock ‘n roll, taking inspiration from the genre’s most quintessential styles.

When the music of Owls & Aliens hits listeners’ ear holes, layers of classic rock, heavy metal, punk rock, alternative rock, metalcore, and everything in between come crashing together, creating a beautiful amalgamation of sounds. The brotherhood formed between the five members is caused by each of their unfettered need to play, write and listen to music – despite coming from quite different musical backgrounds.

The band emerged from the depths of Southern Oregon in the small, isolated scenic town of Klamath Falls at the beginning of 2019. After a year of writing songs and hosting local shows in their own garage, Owls & Aliens undeterred persistence to unveil their music to the world drove the band to record their debut album amidst a pandemic. Their first single, Mercy, was released on May 8th, 2020, and was recorded with Sean Stack of Fat Cat Recording Studios in Sacramento, CA.

Unfortunately, in the middle of getting the band’s album recorded, Sean’s studio was forced to close, and shortly thereafter Sean relocated to Austin, TX. In September of 2021, the boys packed up their gear in two vans not even from this century and miraculously made it to Sean’s new studio. Two weeks later, the album recordings were finally finished.

After Mercy, the band took some time to create a music video with Scotty Fischer of Sleeper Studios for their next release, “You Can’t Save Everyone”. The feeling of not being able to save someone you love and being completely helpless couldn’t have been more true that day, as it was the same day that Dakotah’s mom was having surgery after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer.

Thankfully, everything went smoothly and the band was able to capture the beauty of their little hometown known as the City Of Sunshine. Owls & Aliens waited until August of 2021 to release their new song and music video, which was also shortly after they joined MVK Music Group. In November of 2021, O&A shot another music video with Scotty for their next release, “Tsunami”, which was filmed on the coast of Florence, OR during the king tides season and officially released in January of 2022. A song about hope and perseverance, the video shows the intense, temperamental weather of the Oregon coast, reminding people how beautiful surviving the storm is, no matter how scary it may seem.

Their newest single, “These Vices”, is the last release before the full-length album is unveiled later this summer. This song shows a whole new side of the band, combining clean vocals from rhythm guitarist Travis Siebecke with Dustin’s brutal screams and Dakotah’s luscious backup vocals.

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