pMad “Missing”
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pMad “Missing”


pMad, the enigmatic solo music project helmed by Paul Dillon, announces the release of its latest single, “Missing,” set to captivate listeners worldwide on April 5, 2024.

The single is a haunting exploration of the human tendency to overlook the value of relationships until they’re no longer present, echoing themes of longing and regret.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences including The Arctic Monkey’s, The Strokes and Kings of Leon, pMad’s music transcends genres, blending darkwave post-punk with metal indie rock to create a unique sonic experience.
“pMad is a twilight aesthetic that is anything but simple to approach and yet terribly intriguing” Rock Hard Italy
Reflecting on the release, Paul Dillon says, “pMad is about embracing the imperfect nature of existence, delivering powerful messages through music. ‘Missing’ is a reflection on the importance of cherishing relationships before it’s too late.”
Don’t miss the evocative new single “Missing” from pMad, available on April 5, 2024, marking another milestone in the project’s extraordinary journey.

pMad is a Post-Punk, Gothic Indie Rock solo music project by Paul Dillon based in Portumna, Galway, Ireland. With influences ranging from The The to Rammstein, pMad’s music combines darkwave post-punk and metal indie rock. The albums ‘Who Why Where What’ and ‘I in Power’ showcase pMad’s captivating sound, addressing themes of self-survival, personal growth, and global concerns like the Climate Crisis.

Love and enjoy those around us before it is too late??

-Official bio

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