Polartropica “What’s Your Fantasy”
woman wearing leather sitting in front of a pink wall

Polartropica “What’s Your Fantasy”

ethereal synth psychedelia that you’ve never heard before. “WHAT’S YOUR FANTASY” – out now on Coconut Spaceship Records –

“WHAT’S YOUR FANTASY” is a luscious, synth-driven, sticky, dream-pop venus flytrap adventure into the power of your mind that can transport you to any fantasy you desire. This romantic dream world is inspired by goth-fairy vampires and is a loving tribute to the fashion and legacy of our iconic queer, trans community in LA.

What’s Your Fantasy music video is a dark and gorgeous bloodthirsty twist on the classic Alice in Wonderland fairytale directed by Vanessa Marzaroli. The music video features vintage Chinese Opera headdress, costume and select set pieces from fashion icon, designer Peter Lai’s personal collection, custom cakes designed and constructed by Helene Abernathy, and set design by Vanessa Mazaroli.

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