Rags and Riches “The Beast”

Rags and Riches “The Beast”

RAGS AND RICHES are an adrenalized, American pop-rock band hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. Formed in 2017, the band features brothers Tanner & Peyton Whitt. Over the last four years, the band has discovered their unique sound, identity and aesthetic.

Their latest single “THE BEAST” demonstrates the duo’s versatility in their sound. Centred around mental health, the track represents the manic behaviour of trying to contain your inner demons and aims to raise awareness for a topic close to the duo’s hearts.

Sonically, the track follows a beating tempo that carries a lot of anxiety and tension. Quieter dynamics and a glassy melody prowls across the track like the beast within, while the growling vocals mirror the pain and struggles of trying to suppress mental health issues. Taking inspiration from the likes of Imagine Dragons, Twenty-One Pilots and X Ambassadors, “THE BEAST” contains the harsher, gritter flares from these artists, whilst also emitting softer moments that reflect the person who we really are, despite the demons that can consume our minds. Tanner shares, “There is a fight within that never stops from action to action, it’s in our hands to choose what we decide to do with every moment.”

The Joker inspired video for “THE BEAST” takes focus on the main character Kurt Massey who is seen battling a mental illness, as well as being pushed to the edge from continuous bullying. When he goes to a mental hospital he can no longer control his actions. With an engrossing storyline and cinematic aura, you’ll be glued to your screen from start to finish.

Through their organic, kaleidoscope of creative abilities the brothers hope to be a light to guide people for owning what it is to be human – to grab life by the horns and live to the fullest, embracing all the twist and turns on the rollercoaster of it all. They share, “Our music for the most part is written to inspire others and spark hope for everyone to leave their legacy with the time they are given. No matter what is weighing on you in the present, or if you feel surrounded by your stress and anxiety, let that be a part of who you are and use that as motivation. This world is yours for the taking.”

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