Reckless Coast “Runnin'”
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Reckless Coast “Runnin'”


Brisbane, Australia-based trio Reckless Coast are at the forefront of today’s rock resurgence.

The band’s coastal pub-rock persona is closest resembled as a bonding of Foo Fighters’ adrenaline with The Rolling Stones’ swagger. Bridging Indie and Retro Rock audiences, the distinct addictiveness of Reckless Coast has been featured internationally on playlists and press coverage from publications, bearing witness to a global enthusiasm for the cliché-free modernity of Reckless Coast’s rock n’ roll approach.
Reckless Coast has just debuted their 5 track EP titled ‘Naked & Famous’ and are currently on tour along Australia’s East Coast.

Fresh from the successes of their single ‘Burn Street’, Brisbane-based indie-rock trio Reckless Coast unveil their energizing debut EP ‘Naked & Famous’. The five-track release encapsulates the authentic raw energy and infectious melodies that have quickly become synonymous with the band’s sound.

‘Naked & Famous’ contains three new tracks alongside their previous singles ‘Burn Street’ and ‘Bad Habits’. The EP begins with a new song ‘Runnin’’. It’s a fiercely optimistic track inspired by a Matthew McConaughey speech about finding what defines you in life and removing the excess. Driven by an exploding rhythm section beneath gritty Foo Fighters-esque guitar and soaring vocals, its momentum grips you from start to finish.

‘People Piss Me Off’ speaks about all the daily aggravations of dealing with people and society. Its unique cohesion of Oasis-esque Brit-Rock alongside The Angels-styled Pub-Rock enhances its vexed persona. Preaching vocals sit atop of a gritty groove that leads into a brooding bridge, which features a helicopter rhythm created from guitar and drum synchronicity.

‘Dying Town’ is the final new addition. The hauntingly solemn solo vocal and guitar introduction softly allures you, before a wall of raspy-fuzzed guitar supported by a punching bass ignites this yearnful track that’s highlighted by a stadium-worthy chorus.

“Naked & Famous is the perfect representation of what we are as a band. It’s an authentic and unapologetic take on rock that unites both retro and indie-rock lovers. Each track has a personality of its own to create a diverse, yet sonically cohesive work. For so long now the rock genre has been diluted with worn-out clichéd approaches both sonically and visually. Naked & Famous proves that it can be done differently” – Reckless Coast

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