Reign Of Z “Nothing Gold Can Stay”
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Reign Of Z “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Pennsylvania based, dark melodic metal band REIGN OF Z has released the official music video for their heartbreaking new single, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”. Written by ROZ, JUSTIN SPAULDIN, and STEVE SOPCHACK, with lyrics from front-woman ZOSIA WEST, the deeply moving new single poignantly expresses the life-shattering pain and trauma of loss and grief. With an equally impactful music video directed by TOM FLYNN and produced by the band, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is both beautiful and desolate, with equally impactful and tear-inducing visuals, while ultimately reminding listeners that loss only hurts because of the beauty that precedes it.

“This is a song for those who’ve loved tremendously, unapologetically, and knew no bounds. This was one of the biggest heartbreaks and took the longest to write because she needed the perfect lyrics to encapsulate her memory. This isn’t for the faint of heart, this is for the ones who had to pick up the pieces caused by grief.” ~ Zosia West

REIGN OF Z was formed in 2018 with ZOSIA and BERG as the original members. A band that’s name was inspired by the beloved dog Reign and ZOSIA’s initially birthed a machine that has undergone vehicle breakdowns, a death on the road, losing half their band, and bankrupting themselves for a shot at this turbulent industry. To say REIGN OF Z isn’t just about a regal name they’ve literally undergone every obstacle thrown at them. Z and BERG always say, “we’re either too stubborn or too stupid to quit.”

Tour Dates:
10/19 @ Club Carrigans @ Planet Trog – Whitehall, PA
10/20 @ Debonair Music Hall – Teaneck, NJ
10/21 @ ZEN West – Baltimore, MD
10/22 @ Riffhouse Pub – Chesapeak, VA
10/25 @ Chapel of Bones – Raleigh, NC
10/26 @ The Milestone Club – Charlotte, NC
10/27 @ Blackstrap Rock Hall – Gainesville, GA
10/28 @ Shagnasty’s – Huntsville, AL

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